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Best Austin tamales?

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Who makes the best tamales in Austin and sells them by the dozen?

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  1. i love curra's tamales.

    1. Oaxacan Tamaleo. Austin Chronicle has a review here:


      1. In addition to Curra's and Oaxacan Tamaleo, which are both excellent, I'd recommend Nueva Onda, on College just off the Oltorf/Congress intersection. You didn't mention a specific kind of tamale, but if you want vegetarian you can get great ones by the dozen at Las Manitas.

        1. Like everyone else, I used to buy our Christmas tamales at Green & White Grocery but since they closed, now make the trek out to Bee Cave and the original Rosie's Tamale House. We usually get several dozen of the 'spicy' and several dozen of the 'mild.'

          The original Tamale House is a small shack on Hwy 71, just across the highway from the larger restaurant.

          1. Had some beef tamales as a special at La Cocina de Consuelo on Burnet the other day. Very tasty, though I'm not sure how often they're available. Appeared to be filled with braised chuck in a mild red chile sauce, steamed, and then lightly crisped before serving.

            1. the best ones by far aren't for sale--I can guaran-damn-tee you that--some of the true masters of the craft though do sell tamales, but you have to know them--there's also the question of what style--someone here's mentioning the ones from Oaxaca and southern Mexico--I do love that style myself, but my favorite have to ones that former co-workers originally hailing from the Mexico City area make--besides tricks they learned from their moms and grandmas, the other inside pool tip: they used rendered (not burnt!) bacon fat--

              1. Oaxacan Tamleo is great. I also like El Meson.

                El Meson
                5808 Burleson Rd, Austin, TX 78744

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                  Tamaleo are the best but at like $24/dozen, it gets pricey very quickly.

                2. Pablito's Bakery at 1015 E Braker Ln, various kinds, 10 for 9$.

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                    Agree with luckyfatima on Pablito's Bakery. I believe they source them a company called Leo. Regardless they still taste fresh and homemade.

                    The guy at the downtown farmer's market has a good tamale as well.

                  2. I don't know how good they are, but Jorge's on Hancock is doing several varieties for about $10 a dozen.

                    1. austinist has a write-up today on peruvian tamales available to go:

                      Food: La Sombra Serves Up Tamales To Go For The Holidays

                      Holiday tamales are a Texas tradition. Spending the time to make them, though, can be challenging given all the errands, parties, and events on one's agenda. Last week, we tried samples of Peruvian tamales from Burnet Road's La Sombra, and found them to be impressive additions to Austin's holiday tamale options.
                      The key standouts in the La Sombra tamales were the sauces and the crunch factor. The pibil pork tamale arrived with a pleasant, warming guajillo salsa of charred tomato and peppers, which cut through the masa and brought the smoky meat flavor to the forefront of the dish. But our favorite salsa was actually the tomatillo they paired with the chicken and green chile tamales, which was both more distinctly spicy and also lighter in body. In both tamales, the chefs have added some diced nuts in the masa to provide a surprising textural crunch in some bites.

                      La Sombra tamales are available at $9/half-dozen and $16/dozen by calling 512-458-1100. Turnaround time is 24 hours, and there's a 3pm order cutoff for the following day. We highly recommend them.

                      For those further south, it would be remiss not to mention that a similar setup is in place at 78704 stalwart Curra's Grill on Oltorf at $18-24/dozen depending on flavor. Click here for more info.

                      Note: La Sombra's tamales were provided as a press sample.

                      Curra's Grill
                      614 E Oltorf St, Austin, TX

                      1. found out there will be some very traditional style tamales by the dozen for sale at a Christmas bazaar on Saturday, noon-6pm, at Resitencia Bookstore, South First and Mary...

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                          Which tradition? If they're norteno style with pork, I'll be all over them like a bad habit.

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                            I dunno. I plan to go there Saturday and find out firsthand.

                        2. okay, for some reason, it's tamale update day.

                          dai due's newsletter indicates:
                          Duck Tamales. These fluffy tamales are made in the Veracruz style - twice ground, fresh masa blanca from El Milagro, duck broth, hoja santa, freshly rendered lard and duck fat (no shortening or nasty, hydrogenated, factory farmed lard here). They are then filled with a savory mixture of shredded Countryside Farm duck, organic tangelo zest and juice, smoked pasilla, chipotle and serrano peppers, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Freezes well.
                          $16/ 5 tamales.

                          Place your order by 5 pm Thursday, December 16th, for pickup at the SFC Austin Farmers' Market at Republic Square on Saturday, December 18th, between 9am and 12 NOON.

                          To place an order, please reply to this email with what you would like and we will send a confirmation on Thursday afternoon and hold the order for you at the market. If you place an order and are not able to pick it up, please let us know. We accept cash and checks.

                          1. We're going out on a limb and getting them from Sazon on S. Lamar this year. A friend who's taste is great swears by them. I had felt like Sazon had gone downhill a couple of years ago and stopped going, but went back about a month ago and was super happy to find that it was back to my old standard. I've been back twice since, but yet to have the tamales. We'll see next Friday I guess!

                            1816 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

                            1. Mi Ranchito makes tamales daily. They're on FM1626 right where Manchaca Rd dead ends. I've had the traditional pork variety and they are very moist and tasty. They can handle a large order since they appear to have about 30-50 dozen on hand every morning. $10/dozen.

                              I also like the tamales at Nueva Onda and Curra's.

                              Nueva Onda
                              2218 College Ave, Austin, TX 78704

                              1. Gardener's Feast tamales at the SFC Farmers Markets. Outstanding chiapaneco tamales in banana leaves -- chicken, prunes, mole sauce, plantain and olives, encased in fluffy organic masa -- so scrumptious, you'll think you died and went to heaven! Order in advance!