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Nov 20, 2006 02:38 PM

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza comes to Pompano

I've been meaning to try Anthony's CFP after reading all the recs about it here but never seemed to find the right time to go there since the first three places were a ways from me. Now, lucky me, I live less than a half mile from the newest one they've opened in Pompano. It's in a former Pizza Hut (is that a sweet exchange or what) in the shopping mall that has Stein Mart, a Carrabba's and formerly a Winn Dixie (being replaced by a Staples, I think) right on US 1/ Federal Hwy north of McNab Rd and south of Atlantic Blvd. I had take out from there last night and now I know what all the fuss is about. Terrific, and so close to me.

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    1. This is the best pizza around, period. We've probably gone there 8 times in 6 weeks, and each time can't wait to go back. Take out is good, but if you're able the best is to eat in, right out of the oven. It's spoiled us for 'regular' pizza, no comparison.

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        I agree that the style doesn't travel especially well. As good as it is as takeout, thin-crust coal-fired pies are best fresh from the oven. Kinda like Krispy Kremes.

        Incidentally, Gail Shepherd at the New Times did a comparison of Anthony's (which I like a lot) and three other coal-oven pizzerias that have opened in Palm Beach County in its wake, and Anthony's came in last, which I'm willing to buy.

        Good as it is, Anthony's pies aren't nearly as charred as they could be, and that means the crust isn't as crispy, the tomatoes are less carmelized, and the toppings less thouroughly seared than the pizzas that originated the style. Mind you, I love Anthony's, not least because merely good coal-oven pizza is still better than 98% of the pizza out there, but also because I live six blocks from the original location.

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          They don't use sauce either! I like a pizza with sauce ,,not stewed tomatoes. And yes they could cook it a little longer.

      2. We went to Anthony's last night. While the pizza was excellent, I thought it was WAY overpriced. I took my 3 teens there, and we ordered two small pizzas (one specialty) and 4 soft drinks. With a 20% tip for the server it came to $52!!! Sorry the pizza was good, but it wasn't THAT good! $2.50 for a bottled soda/iced tea is out of line too.