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Nov 20, 2006 02:33 PM

Michael's deli in Coolidge Corner opinions?

Been hearing about this place for a while now...good and bad. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts either way. Thinking about hitting it for lunch but not sure it'd be worth the long walk up Beacon Street.

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  1. I really enjoy Michael's for some great deli sandwiches. They also have great lox and passable bagels. Stay away from the herring salad - it's scary.

    1. Hot pastrami, mustard, light rye.

      1. Their sides are good also. For lunch a half sandwich (which are large) might do.

        1. Great sandwich if you're nearby. Having lived in Coolidge Corner for two years, I ate my fair share of corned beef sandwiches on rye. But, it is not a destination, unless you're really hard up for deli or come from some where with absolutely no good deli.


          1. Great place for corned beef and pastrami, just don't expect much more of them.

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              That's a little too limiting although I agree on saluting both. I'm quite fond of their hot brisket (on dark rye with extra horseradish, tomato and onion - you can get it with BBQ sauce but stick with the horseradish) too. I quite like their health salad (only available in the warmer months), haven't tried other salads because I'm not a big mayo fan, although a friend I was with really liked a mango chicken sandwich. Chopped liver is surprisingly hit or miss - I'd expect it to be more consistently good or bad. And a surprisingly good thing that I haven't often seen elsewhere is their sweet potato knish. Just what it sounds like, not too sweet.