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Nov 20, 2006 01:37 PM

BLT Burger

It really has nothing to do with the other BLT's....that was the first impression.
They are a month old so a lot of the issues i will describe from last night might get fixed in the near future but....
Bartender was under, greeter was under, onion rings soggy and bland (thats a no-no), fries were unimpressive, burgers were OK at best, milkshake i ordered with my food arrived AFTER we were done with all our meal...all of in at the end when i asked for the bill....and the biggest bummer was the main reason i whent there to begin with was for the tuna burger and they were out of that too. the peanut butter milkshake took over 45 minuted to arrive because they ran out of peanut butter as well, and instead of just letting me know ( i could have just gotten the oreo one) they made me wait till the end of my meal at which point i had it for dessert.

So, stick to BLT Steak, Prime and Fish for a while till they get it right.

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  1. I was there for lunch on Thursday and, in my case (party of three), the service was quite friendly and efficient, but, my group felt that burgers were well below the level of the top burgers in town, e.g. Lugers, Donovans, Wolfgang's, Burger Joint. Our onion rings weren't greasy, but were ordinary and the fries were clearly fresh, but, again, not of the level of some other places in town.

    1. The first time I ate there it was the best burger I ever had. Every time since then the burgers has been worst and worst. The service was terrible from the start so coupled with the bad burgers, I'm never going back. Also, they have gotten my order wrong every single time I have been there.