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Nov 20, 2006 01:00 PM

beet juice UWS

Could anyone tell me where to find beet juice on the Upper West Side, or, at least above 42nd st.? I know a couple places way downtown that sell it, but haven't had luck up here. My amazing wife is putting together a dish from the French Laundry cookbook involving beet juice, and I've been asked to find it. Not being too familiar with the world of juicing, I'm not sure where to look.

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  1. I'm assuming your wife is making the lobster with the pommes maxim and the beet reduction, which is delicious, though I also highly recommed the "macaroni and cheese" next time you make French Laundry lobster. I usually find bottled beet juice at a health food store on the west side of Broadway between 75th and 76th (can't rememeber the name). Good luck with dinner - those Keller techniques really work and are fantastic.

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        Thanks. I think the juice is actually for a composed cheese course. I've heard complaints about TK's cookbooks, but I totally agree with you. Everything we've done out them has been fantastic, albeit not exactly 30 minute meals.

        Is bottled beet juice as good as fresh? or at least passable?

        1. re: jasmurph

          Fresh is better but bottled has worked fine for me in the past. Same as fresh squeezed vs. Tropicana. TK's recipes take forever but they really work, unlike say, the El Bulli cookbook/CD-R, which is just food porn with (I believe) purposely sketchy/sabotaged recipes.

    1. you could check fairway's and whole foods for bottled juice. if not there is also a health food store on 8th and 54th (Westerly) that juices all sorts of different things. they might have beet.