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Nov 20, 2006 12:54 PM

Best chocolate in Manhattan.

I'd love to bring home a box of fabulous chocolate for Thanksgiving. Which is best? Jacque Torres? Voges? Teucher? Thanks.

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  1. Don't forget Richart, La Maison du Chocolat, Pierre Marcolini — among others! Manhattan is chocolate paradise!

    1. Kee's chocolates in SoHo (on Thompson, below Spring). All handmade and in small batches and it's fantastic. One of their varieties is flavored with balsamic vinegar and it's incredible.

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        I love Kee's chocolates too, but always notice when I'm there that she warns people that they are extremely perishable.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Maybe they won't travel well? I'll be flying for about 5 hrs...

          Thanks for your responses...

          1. re: rgs123

            MMRuth makes a good point - I've overheard the same thing too in the store. You can call Kee's and see what they might recommend, or try one of the other options that might travel better like Jacques or Voges.

      2. Different places for different desires. I prefer La Maison for classic French chocolates, Kee's for modern, Martine's for lovely Belgian-style shapes, Teuscher's Champagne truffles, and Torres' "wicked" chocolate.

        1. I adore Leonidas (true Belgian chocolates). They have a few shops in the city, but I go to the Madison & E. 51 St. location.

          1. I like dark chocolate from La maison du chocolat and Neuhaus chocolate shop.
            I also love dark chocolate and caramel covered pretzer sticks from Varsano's in Greenich village area.