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Nov 20, 2006 11:37 AM

lunch place in SAC near Carmichael, where 80W splits?

Mexican or American, with a cafe type atmosphere would be ideal. But I'm open to anything good!

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  1. Where 80W splits? You mean splits into 80 and business 80? Is that even Carmichael? That's kind of a culinary no man's land.

    1. i live in carmichael and i'm not even really sure where you mean!

      1. sorry for the confusion - i was looking at a fuzzy sort of map.

        when you drive down from roseville area on the 80W, the 80 splits into Capitol City fwy and the other 80... anywhere around that area, not just Carmichael.


        1. Try the Italian place at the Watt avenue exit from 80 at the Hotel (Rodeway perhaps?)there you can see from the Fwy. It used to be pretty darn good, but I have not been in while.

          1. I'm not quite sure where you want to get off the freeway...but here are a few places:

            Rice Noodles on Arden, off 80; Aces...Madison Exit at 5323 Date Ave (look for large WWII plane on bldg)

            The Galleria in Roseville has tons of choices.