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San Miguel de Allende

Need a super restaurant, great food, wonderful atmosphere..thanks

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  1. OK, then how about a good restaurant, very good food and nice atmosphere? Seriously. Thanks.

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    1. Jacaranda-Aldama #53
      La Posadita - on Aldema around the corner from the Parroquia, amazing view and great food.
      amd Rincon de Don Tomas- Portal de Guadalupe #@

      Capilla- never been but hear great things.

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        Jacaranda is now breakfast only on mondays.
        La Posadita isn't exactly on Aldema, but on the little street, Cuma De Allende, that's in between the center square and where Aldema starts. Prices there are around 45-55 for the basic entrees.

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          Please take a look at my recent posting for Ristorante Da Andrea. I cannot say enough about this place. If you are in SMA and don't try it you will have missed a true dining experience. We also tried La Posadita and thoroughly enjoyed it. The served the freshest Margarita I had during my visit and the food was excellent too. I had the Cochinil Pibil (orange flavored pork) and it was very, very good.

      2. For great food, I'd recomment the Berlin Bar.
        I was blown away by the quality. The chef told us they started the restaurant in desperation to find good food in San Miguel.

        1. Hi

          My wife and I will be in San Miguel and Guanajuato during the week between Christmas and New Years. I appreciate the recs for San Miguel but are there any places in Guanajuato that we shouldn't miss?

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            I am sad to report that you missed the Cervantino Fair and all that it entails. There are some recs for Guanajuato if you search... I would add a day trip to the Jalisco highlands could add to your culinary experience.... San Juan el Alto as some of the best food infrastructure up there... you could stop by in San Miguel el Alto for a real (undiscovered), picturesque colonial town.

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              Thanks for the feedback. My in-laws just recently moved to San Miguel so this is out first visit. Thatnks for sigestion about San Miguel el Alto too. It sounds like just the type of place we would enjoy.

              Muchos gracias

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                For a truly unique experience, check out a distant relatives restaurant there:


                You will find:

                > Chinese
                > Italian
                > Pizza
                > Hamburgers
                > Tex Mex
                > Classic Mex
                > Regional Mex

                All in a single diner for a truly transnational bi-transitional immigrant experience.

                BTW... the local Salmon (most often from the Presa de Cuarenta) is very nice & featured in local cuisine.

          2. I want the Chik en nuget`s por favor!

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              The problem is they will be offended if I offer to edit their menu. Another thing, I'd be suprised if they have ever had a Non-Mexican in their restaurant.

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                Thats the most charming menu offering I've seen in a while! Menu reading in Mexico is one of life's great pleasures!

            2. I like The Food Factory right before you enter Fabrica La Aurora, if you are over there.

              For traditional dishes La Finestra is excellent- across from the Institute de Allende

              Cha Cha Cha- Calle #28 de April #37- cute little place, down home mexican food.

              Love the coffee and Churros at San Augustin Cafe- San Francisco #21

              Casa Payo -great garlic soup- big meat place not my thing but the food is very good, Argentinean -- a few blocks south near the school..
              The cafe inside the school is quit good as I recall, Italian food.

              We will be there the same time, I hear it's colder than usual right now so bring your layers.

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                Cha Cha Cha is closed until the end of May (found out the hard way)

              2. We liked Tio Lucas, not all that authentic or anything but very tasty for what it was.

                1. Just got back spent Christmas through New Years- had a fantastic time.. Left my heart in SMA but I live in San Francisco.

                  These are the restaurants we really enjoyed-

                  El Correro- Great breakfast and we bookend this place, we had breakfast here when we arrived and our last meal before we left. Excellent!

                  L'Invito- In the Institituto Allende, excellent Italian food.
                  Silvia Bernardini the owner is such a gracious hostess and the space is charming with a fireplace a perfect spot for a relaxing dinner. Silvia and her husband are opening a restaurant out in the country near by forgot where sorry.

                  El Ten Ten Pie- A great causal spot for lunch or dinner. We had a great dinner here. Homemade style Mexican food and our server lady was so sweet, I think she and her mom run the place.

                  Cha Cha Cha- FYI they close at 7:00 PM- loved every bite and we ordered a lot of food. This was a perfect out of the Centro spot for real Mexican food and super inexpensive. Sat outside in the covered patio and got to listen to an older gent playing beautiful guitar and singing to his senorita.. very special little place.

                  El Pegaso- had a nice lunch, fun spot very lively at lunch time. They have a wide variety of international dishes, good prices.

                  La Finestra Cafe- perfect happy sunny little breakfast spot everything was nicely prepared.

                  San Augustin Cafe- this place is always packed and hard to get into. My last trip I was able to pop in a few times for a snack. Love their tapas, cappuccino and good wine by the glass. Always a fun spot to sit and watch the people.

                  Cafe Monte Negro- (I think this is the name) on Correro across from El Correro. A nice spot for breakfast.

                  The food Mercado down on Canal- had a great carnitas sandwich with goooood salsa. Also, had the same thing in Guanajuato as well, the real deal.

                  Romanos- We had our New Years Eve dinner here. Good down home Italian, generous proportions (American style). Good basics- pizza made from a wood-burning brick oven, delicious pasta. Sat out on the patio and really enjoyed our meal, the start of a fun night.

                  La Posadita- Sat on the rooftop wonderful views without paying the price at Capilla across the way, had a snack and some good margaritas before we headed back for our siesta, perfect afternoon spot.

                  Casa de Sierra Nevada- is a lovely place, the breakfast was ok not as good as El Correo and others I mentioned. We stopped here for a drink on Christmas evening before heading to dinner; this was close to the casa we rented.

                  The little Vino wine bar (name?), next to the Food Factory was just the right spot after our visit to the Fabrica La Aurora. We had some nice wine and tapas lounging on the terrace. Beautiful!! Sorry that we did not eat at the Food Factory this time.

                  The other place we loved is on Hernadez or Jesus, near Umaran. This was Wednesday night and Azafran was closed.. so we found this other place I will check with my friend to see if he remembers the name.. Mexican food, good prices, great service, charming spot.

                  Azafran- pretty restaurant especially the patio. The service was excellent but the food was disappointing. I really wanted to like this place. All of our dishes were trying too hard and were either way too salty or had no flavor. Perhaps it was an off night.. this was our upscale try.

                  We had drinks at Berlin Bar before we headed out to the Jardin for New Years Celebration dancing in the square. The food looked good, fun spot.

                  I will miss you SMA, until next time!

                  1. Lookout for Nueva Cocina Mexican at the Hotel Casa de Sierra Nevada in the next year....