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Nov 20, 2006 11:21 AM

American BBQ Rowley MA--Infomaniac was right

Not a ton of time to post this morning, but I did want to report that in my eternal quest for chicken and BBQ (not necessarily in that order), American BBQ in Rowley (Rte 1A) was a highlight.

My cousin ordered a meat sampler plate--pork, ribs, brisket. The ribs were awesome--thick and tangy sweet. The brisket was excellent. Thick slabs, very tender.

I order a roasted half-chicken and I was not disappointed. It was excellent. Cooked to perfection with delightful skin/sauce.

Here's the thing, though--what makes BBQ joints for me is not just the carnivorous stuff (though I love it) but the sides. Here, you could get ALL the sides you love (unlike Q Smokehouse in methuen, my prev. review)--greens, sweet potatoes, etc., plus a NICE dessert menu and (here's the best part)--it was pretty cheap!!!! I mean, drinks, sides, meat, dessert for my cousin and I for the low twenties. I paid that for basically meat and coleslaw at the Q in Methuen.

The set up is kind of like Bub's in Sunderland--self serve, so it gets crowded, but I didn't mind. Definitely, this place is worth a trip.

Thanks Infomaniac--didn't get to Mexico Lindo in Methuen (too full) but I will.

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  1. Gald to hear you had a good visit at American BBQ. It's my favorite BBQ place north of Boston. Can't beat the prices, and they know how to smoke!!!

    I made it over to Q Smokehouse yesterday to pick up some BBQ to bring over a frinds. I was not that impressed with anything other than the sausage which had good flavor, and a nice aftertaste. The brisket was a little dry, and the sides were real weak on selection and taste.

    1. This is great 'Que period, not just for the area. American has a beer and wine license and unless I'm doing take-out it a deal breaker without a cold one.

      1. my first time at american was 3 months ago - the greens were incredible ! i gauge a BBQ place by how they cook them and my expectations were more than met. i had the turkey tips (which can be very tricky in the wrong hands - fine line between moist and dried out) with mac and cheese and said greens and I was in heaven. i love the option of the different sauces to have, and the hanging paper towels come in handy.
        one question though -- i noticed a number of religious pamphlets on various surfaces - is there a "holy" connection ?

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        1. re: chessqueen

          I just noticed the religious pamphlets recently. Not sure if I over looked them in the past. Maybe it was a sign from above.
          I'm a fan of their turkey tips too, and I've never ordered them anywhere else because I don't see them on menu's that often.
          I just want to add one thing. They usually have a big barrel of peanuts in the shell for you to help yourselves and munch on while waiting for your food.

          1. re: Infomaniac

            Well they can't change their names to "Holy Smokes", that one's already taken :-)

        2. What days and hours are they open?

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            1. re: Harp00n

              Oh, I recognize the place. I used to get fried clams there when I'd be in the area on business. I probably haven't been there now in at least 5 years, maybe more. I think it was called something else at the time too.

              1. re: RIChowderhead

                I got pretty good clams there, I think they were called East End Seafood or something like that. Haven't tried it since they became bbq.

          1. I agree The American Barbecue has the best bbq around!!! The pulled pork is to die for, moist and smokey. Beef Brisket is not easy to get right but there's is not dry at all and very tasty. My husband had the 3 combo with Pulled Pork, Smoked Sausage and Ribs, he liked them all which is not an easy task. He had grilled corn on the cob and sweet potatoes for the sides and he loved them. They also make a great burger and have a variety of other favorites for the others, like grilled salmon, grilled shrimp, veggie burgers, turkey tips and there steak tips are really good also. There's free peanuts and popcorn which is a nice bonus. Great place to go for families, we truly enjoyed it. It's definately worth a trip down scenic 1A for a visit!!!! It's very cozy and rustic inside. They're closed on Mondays. I loved their homemade bread pudding with a praline sauce and the key lime pie. Nice way to end a great meal for a reasonable price. I heard they were opening up a second one in Beverly somewhere, does anyone know about that?

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              AMBBQ is hoping to be open for biz the monday after thanksgiving weekend at Cummings Center in Beverly . There are are lot

              1. re: msp

                AMBBQ is hoping to be open for biz the monday after thanksgiving weekend at Cummings Center in Beverly .That can change due to construction delays so I would call ahead if you want to be there at the get go. I've heard nothing but good reviews from those I know who have been to the original spot in Rowley so I'm looking forward to checking it out. As an aside, having lived in the deep south for 12 years, I've been very disappointed in what passes for good Q in Ma. A place in Somerville comes to mind....

                1. re: judgemental

                  Are you thinking of Redbones in Davis Square, Somerville? Have you tried Uncle Pete's on Route 1 in Revere?

                  1. re: kate used to be 50

                    Yes, I was thinking of Redbones. I don't think much of their BBQ but I do respect their great beer selection. The basic grilled food items are pretty good with generous portions. The last time I was there with my girlfriend we just had a few beers and then went out to dinner at Tango on Mass Ave in Arlington. I had an awesome marinated flank (or was it skirt?)steak (perfectly cooked) with chimichurri and my girlfriend had the lemon chicken which was probably some of the best chicken I've ever had in a restaurant. The sauce was cream based with great lemon flavor . But I stray....No I haven't been to Uncle Pete's....yet.