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Nov 20, 2006 09:08 AM

Corpus Christi / Port Aransas / San Antonio trip

Hi, I'm a semi-long-time reader but first-time poster. My boyfriend and I will be going on a short trip in December to Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and San Antonio. Any recommendations for good local restaurants, especially in Corpus and Port Aransas? We hope to get some good seafood, but we also love Asian, Italian, American, comfort food, anything. Desserts too! Only thing is, we'd like to keep costs down, so nothing over $15-$20 per person. Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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  1. In Port Aransas, don't miss Shells (go for lunch, they tend to run out of some of the more popular specials early in the evening) and Venetian Hot Plate. Both lean towards pasta / seafood but the ambiance is totally different. I enjoy both very much! Google search should provide menus.

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      I went to Shells and to the Venetian thanks to the posted recommendations last month. I liked them both. Both are very small, so go early or get reservations.

      A funny thing happened at the Venetian. I ordered a Caesar salad to go with my meal, and then heard the waiter mention to the next table that a dinner salad is included. This is not stated on the menu, nor was it mentioned by the waiter. I thought that odd. The pasta dishes here are reasonably priced ($10ish), the meat dishes are expensive ($25ish).

      Also: the Coffee Pot (I think that's the name) has nice pastries. It is on the road from the Ferry. They had a concoction that I will never forget: a custardy casserole with eggs, bacon, and fried shoestring potatoes under a layer of pigs-in-a-blanket. Outstanding.

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        I believe the place is called Cotter Street Coffee House. I have not tried that casserole but cant wait to do so. Everything we've had there has been top notch. Shells is wonderful! Go to Snoopys under the causeway for a beautiful sunset and some boiled shrimp, ummm.

    2. Lisabella's at lunch also fits what you are looking for. They have wonderful sweet potato fries.

      If you are looking to eat in Port A in December you might want to call the restaurants ahead of time. A lot of places have reduced hours in the winter.

      1. We go to Rockport every year on a bull-reds fishing trip. If you don't have a place to stay yet, consider the Lighthouse Inn in Rockport. Great little hotel, nice restaurant in a working shrimping doc area. Anyway, the best food we've found in that area was in Rockport called The Pelican Club (or The Pelican Restaurant). OUTSTANDING creative dishes. Not cheap, but a surprising find for the Texas Bend coast. You can take the free ferry over to and from Rockport (1/4 mile 15 minute trip). Runs every 15 or so minutes. Hope you have a great trip. We LOVE the area.

        1. Bracken Cafe in Bracken,Texas,east of San Antonio is pretty good.I think it's about 5 or so miles from Rolling Oaks Mall out on Nacodoches Road.They may even have a website. Just a small place,but they get a lot of business.Heard that Specht's Store out in the little community of Specht's Store is good too.It is in far north Bexar County off of Blanco Road,forgot the road it's on as it has been awhile.

          1. Snoopy's is a very good, casual seafood place in Corpus. It's right at the foot of the bridge as you are going over to the beach at Padre Island, and is a great place to stop on the way back from the beach.

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              Snoopy's is great! Remember it's cash only.