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Feb 16, 2005 11:01 PM

$6 Crabs @ Lee Hou, SF

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In four weeks of intensive chowing in SF's Richmond District, Lee Hou on Clement has become my mom's favorite place. I think she's been there at least six times now, not always with me. She asks to go there.

I'll be posting more details on what we've liked there. But wanted to leave this news flash that small live Dungeness crabs are a $6 loss leader. It seems to be every day of week. I haven't tried it myself, but my sister says they're sweet and tender.


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  1. It's also my mom's favorite place - she noticed the $6 crab posted in the window so we ordered the crab and a salted fish clay pot - both were tasty. We scraped all the crusty bits of the fragrant seasoned rice off the bottom of the clay pot and not one drop of the green onion sauce remained from the sweet meat of the crab (note: it's a small crab). We were seated upstairs for our Sunday afternoon lunch and every table was full. The single guy sitting at the table next to us ordered a huge plate of duck on rice!
    The crab at Best Panda on Balboa is another best buy - it is a larger serving of crab but the price jumps to $8+

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      I've had two different clay pot rice dishes and both were excellent. Lee Hou actually cooks the rice in the well-seasoned pot to make created a well-browned and aromatic crust. They smell fabulous when the lid first comes off!

      Lee Hou
      332 Clement

    2. I have been to Lee Hou before and enjoyed it, but it happened out of crab season. I have noticed their showing a low price crab sign (remember it being less than 10, but 6?) before on another occasion, but was rushing toward Fountain Court at the time and could not take advantage of it. I assume that Lee Hou would do a black bean, ginger onion, or possibly even curry crab at the low $6 price, but can’t help wondering whether it would also include doing a salt pepper version? Do you know?

      Meanwhile, I have had Best Panda’s low price salt pepper crab (surprising got a medium size crab) for 8.88 (just missing an even lower 6.88 price by days) and can vouch for that being very worthwhile.

      Lee Hou is a nice, unpretentious restaurant with a very large village/comfort offering from dim sum (49) to rice plates (29) to a huge variety of other goodies on a separate Chinese menu [i.e., 3.75 (24), and 5.25 (48) dishes, seasonal soups (8), and chef special dishes (24)]. It is one of the few places that serve Hung Tao, let alone, Opp Gung yee foo won ton too in one place!