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Mail-order / Internet Baklava for Delivery to California?

I've ordered from A Bohsali in Beirut a couple of times--they've been very prompt and the baklava has always arrived fresh and delicious. But I'm wondering if there are any other sources fellow hounds can recommend. I've seen the websites of R. Hallab and J. Douaihy. (I admit to a preference for the less syrupy Middle-Eastern style over the Greek type.)

Are there any other obsessive-compuslive baklava consumers out there who can suggest baklava sources who will ship to California?

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  1. Gulluoglu is a Turkish-based bakery with an American branch in Brooklyn. Their baklava (and they have serveral varieties)is delicious - elegant and totally non-syrupy; I also prefer it that way.

    I don't know if they ship, but they have an order number on their website: http://www.gulluoglubaklava.com/

    1. I'm sure this isn't exactly what you want, but it is abit closer

      1. Just curious- do you not like any local stuff?- we have a lot of immigrants making good product locally.

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          Sorry for the delayed response: been out of town for a while. I haven't found any local baklava that comes close. I think it's the type of butter--local bakeries use a blend of margarine and not-very-tasty butter, whereas the Lebanese use an almost cheese-y butter with a much richer flavor.

        2. Where in California are you? There are some great places in Glendale (So Cal).

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            I'm in the SF Bay Area. There are several sources, some local, some imported, available here, but all the local ones I've found have margarine mixed in with the butter. The best I've had lately was the "Semiramis" brand from Syria. Exquisite.

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              Have you checked Oasis on Telegraph? They sell several varieties and brands.

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                Thanks, I'll check out Oasis next time I'm in the area!

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                Semiramis is the BEST!!! Too bad they're not delivering right now. :(

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                  Where in the SF Bay Area are you?

                  Last year I took a tray of special ordered baklava from Wally's Cafe in Emeryville to a high school reunion. Wally is from Lebanon (IIRC) & gives a complimentary lentil soup & baklava with each order so you can test drive his version and decide if it meets your approval. A bit pricey for the tray but he cut and placed each each precious piece into individual papers.

                  Gosh, the memory makes me want to go back for a wrap! You can search Chowhound via google and see if you find past postings? Otherwise, here's a link to Yelp:


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                    Thanks for the recommendation! I'm across the bridge in San Mateo, and we just got our own excellent Middle Eastern place a few months ago, Al Bayk. They have a pretty good baklava (as well as excellent falafel and shawarma), but I really like the variety and rich flavor of the imported stuff. Maybe if the local baklave producers started using cultured, high-fat butter they'd get closer to the Lebanese pastries.

              3. This place, in majorly Arabic Dearborn MI (also try their maftool!)


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                  Oh, yes, it's the next best thing to the sweets from the Syria and Lebanon that I've found! I haven't trie the maftool, though. What is it?

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                    Date stuffed cookies. If you like dates, you'll love these guys!

                2. I just received an order from Al Bohsali on Tuesday, having put in my order last Friday! The sweets are as good as ever, and the new website is a breeze to use. You can even put together your own assortment, a feature I took advantage of to load up on my favorite pine nut kol woshkor (sp?) and burma. I'm still so tickled that I can get Lebanese baklava in 3 days!

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                    Which Fillings do you recommend for the Baklava at Al Bohsali?


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                      I'm sorry I won't be of much help: I like all 3 of them, pinenut-cashew, pistachio, and walnut. Maybe I'd order more of the pinenut, but I'd really rather have all of them.

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                        Such a pity they stopped shipping it, I have no idea why though.

                  2. Why not just make your own Baklava? While it requires care and patience, it's not a difficult process. I made one last week.

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                      True, it's not difficult and I have a couple of good recipes that have worked for me in the past. But the imported butter and pistachios are just more flavorful . . .