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Nov 20, 2006 06:18 AM

baking pies a day ahead?

Last year, I baked 2 pies for our family's thanksgiving feast, and am planning to do the same again. However, I baked them on the day of last year, and am debating whether or not to bake them a day in advance, to free up time for other things on the day of.

but if i bake the pies in advance (pumpkin, and apple) do they keep all right in the fridge? will the crust stay the same texture? i guess i am afraid of possible sogginess that might set in from them sitting in the fridge for a day. does this happen?

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  1. They keep fine. In fact, I think a pumpkin pie is better after a day. Of course, I also don't like eating warm-from-the-oven pumpkin pie.

    I usually keep the pumpkin pie at room temperature till serving. Never killed anyone. In fact, I think I've done the same with apple. I haven't found sogginess to be an issue.

    To be honest, I can't imagine trying to bake pies on the day, what with all the other stuff going on!

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      Agreed on doing both types of pies beforehand, and also leaving them out on the counter. The OP doesn't say where s/he is living in the country, but in the northern climes, there's really no problem with it.

    2. I've always done it the day before. Well actually, I usually bake them at 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. the night before it seems. They keep fine and I never refridgerate them. last year however, I baked the pumpkin (From the Stars Desserts cookbook - the best pumpkin pie ever) in advance and just assembled the apple pie. After assembling I did put it in the fridge and we put it in to bake as we sat down to dinner. By the time we were ready to eat it, it was perfectly warm and delicious. Yum. Good luck.

      1. I do my baking the day before each year and always request the day before TG off from work so that I can fix my cranberry sauce, pies, etc. ahead of time and also clean the house a bit and shop for any last minute items like the green beans and salad ingredients. It's horrible going to the food store on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, too much stress, so now I request the day off every year and it works out so much better for me.

        1. Historically, pies in temperate climes (and points northward) were made to be kept. Kept in a pie chest, for example. It's only the advent of central heating that makes that more problematic (just refrigeration and canning helped the creation of certain pies like key lime pie).

          1. thank you everyone for the advice! i will bake the pumpkin, and perhaps assemble the apple for baking the next day; i'm in Los Angeles, and it has been hot(high 80's!) these past couple days, so refrigeration might be better than leaving it out on the counter for me.