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kitchen appliances

I will soon be moving to a new house and become house poor again. But the kitchen is being renovated so I will have brand new appliances.

So far, my choices include the Bosch 3-cycle dishwasher and the Amana 3-door bottom mount freezer/double door up top fridge. For whatever reason these seem to be the models with the best quality at lowest price value.

I've always wanted a gas stove, and I'm looking at the Wolf/Viking/JennAir neighborhood but supposedly it's good to have a 'dual-fuel' stove.

Can anyone kindly provide experience and/or wisdom on these purchases?

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  1. There was an article in Oct. Cooking Light about kitchen remodels. Best advice was spend a couple of hundred bucks on a consultation with a designer (www.asid.org) to get your questions answered professionally. Lowe's and HD have design services but may be biased.

    1. Kenmore also makes a dual fuel stove. I bought a 36" one with 5 burners (gas), a small side oven (elec) and a "regular" sized oven (elec + convection). I really like having the second small oven. The storage drawer below also acts as a warming drawer if the main oven is on. Just to give you some options, as Wolf/Vikin/etc are pretty expensive.

      I'm guessing you're looking for a stove larger than the typical 30"? Because I think a variety of manufacturers produce dual-fuel ranges these days.

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        The kitchen is small so the stove should be kept to the 30". Is there a reason to go to the 36"? Or a reason not to do the smaller size?
        You like the quality of Kenmore?
        This could be a 'dream kitchen' as I am starting from scratch. Never thought I would but I have to because of the house I bought. That's why I am open to the idea of a professional grade appliance like the Viking.

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          The reason I wanted the larger range was because I wanted 2 ovens. There are 30" models that have 2 ovens, but the larger oven is shorter than a standard size oven. There are also models with a regular oven and a "warming" oven that keeps food hot but you can't really bake in it. I like the small side oven because I can do sides of veggies, just 6 cookies (instead of a sheet full!), a loaf of bread, etc and it's easier than having to heat up the larger oven space for small dishes. That, and I can cook things at two different temperatures using two ovens.

          I love having gas burners because they respond so nicely turning the heat up or down. But, I also wanted an electric oven for consistency in baking temperatures - hence the dual-fuel style.

          I found out that my Kenmore range is exactly the same as a Frigidaire model, just labeled with the Kenmore tag. A lot of their refrigerators are like that, too (like how Costco rebrands Whirlpool washers and such). My fridge is a Kenmore and I haven't had any problems with it so far (it's only a few years old). I'm not really sure what advantages you get with "professional" appliances - reputation, sturdiness?

      2. I had a 30" dual-fuel Thermador where I used to live that I miss. I loved it. Sealed burners with an extra-low setting on two that is definitely needed. Very expensive, but a quantum leap in quality.

        1. I bought a Jenn-Aire dual fuel stove and I'm completely enamored.

          1. Since you have blank slate, can you use a wall oven and a cooktop? This keeps the heat of the oven away from where you're working at the stove.
            My 20 year old convection oven had to be replaced but the separate gas cooktop is in perfect shape because nothing ever really goes wrong with them. Got a new GE Profile convection oven that I love for about $1500.
            Look at prices for separate gas cooktops. Compare two separate appliances to a dual fuel range.

            1. I opted for a high-end gas rangetop (Wolf, four burners plus grill) and a mid-price electric wall oven; I like electric ovens because of the self-clean feature, and as long as it's accurately calibrated I'm content, whereas I wanted that grill (I love it) and the four 16,000 BTU burners. The total cost for both units (not counting the hood which I would have had to buy separately anyway) was around a thousand bucks less than a high-end dual-fuel range (sorry to be vague but this was over three years ago.) I haven't regretted my choices.

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                Is the grill hard to keep clean? I keep hearing that it's such a pain to keep clean that I should not get the grill. Did you get sealed or unsealed burners?

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                  Unsealed burners--I have the impression you get more heat from them than from sealed.

                  Clleaning the grill is very easy. Turn it on, then when it's nice and hot give it a scrub with a barbecue grill brush. I got it for meat and fish but hve since discovered the joys of grilled zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, asparagus... fantastic.

              2. I inherited some decent appliances when we moved into our new house. We have an Amana bottom freezer but one door fridge. It's flush with our cabinets (what's that called?) so it's a little smaller but is fine for the two of us. My only complaint (and it barely is a complaint) is that the climate-controlled "chef's pantry" in teh bottom of the fridge is set to be colder than the rest of the fridge so you can keep deli trays or some such nonsense stored in there. the problem is that i throw lettuce or other veggies in there and they get semi-frozen. I guess i should just store other stuff in there that can hold up in the cold.
                We also have a dual-fuel Bosch range which I love although I haven't exactly taken advantage of the dual-fuel function yet. The convection may come in handy for T-day but I have to do a little more research on doing a bird in convection. Oh and the warming drawer will definitely help out!
                We also have a Bosch dishwasher, no complaints there. I think we have a more basic version bec friends of ours have a Bosch that has a "quick clean" which runs a cycle in about 15 minutes, in addition to a more thorough cycle. The regular cycle on ours takes forever and I feel like it wastes alot of water.


                1. I've got a Viking Professional series 48" dual fuel range (6 burners and a grill), which I love. I've had it for 5 1/2 years.

                  I've got the Fisher-Paykel DishDrawers, which I also love. They're from New Zealand, and they are dishwashers that are designed as drawers. I've got 2 single units - one on each side of my sink, so no more bending to load or unload! You can also get 2 stacked units - one on top of the other, each of which works independently of the other. They're extremely energy efficient. Here's a link: http://www.fisherpaykel.ca/global/kit...

                  I have a 48" Viking Designer series fridge. I love the design and the layout, but have some problems with items like celery freezing in the bottom bin. I also have the Viking built-in microwave, which works well (used only for re-heating and popcorn, plus the occasional potato).

                  1. Hi,
                    I am trying to decide between a Whirlpool GMC275PRB and Frigidaire GLEB27M9F.

                    Whirpool is a coventional oven (no fan)
                    Firgidaire is a convection oven (fan)

                    I am worried about the fan noise being loud and also the fan running for an hour or more, even after the oven is turned off. When we have comapny I do not want my friends to run out of the kitchen becasue of the sound.

                    I think the Frigidaire has a option to turn the convection option off. (not sure though)

                    Also to consider:

                    Whirpool - has controls all in one place
                    Frigidaire - has separate controls and the microwave is removable - in case it stops working in the combination unit - don't need to replace entire unit - just replace the microwave.

                    Please help me decide.