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Nov 20, 2006 03:49 AM

DFW - Yes Cafe is closed

We tried to head out to Yes Cafe tonight, since we got back into town late, only to find out they are gone - the only thing left was a sign that "Sultan Cafe" was going to be opening soon. This was unexpected to us, and sad! Does anyone know anything about what happened? Their myspace page says they are looking for a new location, but no word on why they had to close.

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  1. That is tragic! I just got to try it for the first time a month ago and was looking forward to returning. Let's keep our eyes peeled for the possible relocation. babar, could you post a link to their myspace page?

    1. This is quite unexepected! The only time I've been in that area recently was for dim sum at Kirin Court, and I haven't heard anything from any of my friends regarding this.

      Here's their myspace:

      1. I also tried to go on Sunday for brunch and noticed they were gone. My husband and I had been telling his parents for weeks now how great their crepes were....

        The door was opened when we arrived, and my husband was able to talk to the new owners of the "Sultan Cafe" that is moving in. They didn't know a thing about Yes cafe when asked. They did say that their new place will be a hookah (sp?) cafe.