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The Rushton (brief review)

Went to The Rushton on the w/e. Gotta say, I love this place. Great atmosphere and consistently great food. Two interesting things on the menu this w/e:
1)A whole roasted pumpkin stuffed with mushrooms & chestnuts. Interesting and fab.
2) Seared tuna with a sesame crust, lovely spicy sauce on the side (like a sophisticated take on spicy sushi mayo), black rice (nutty & yummy), and a lovely side of French beans and baby yellow squash. It was perfect.

AS always, the sweet potato fries made me swoon.

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  1. I really really wanted to like this place. The room is gorgeous, the vibe is great. But the one time I went there this summer, the food (except for the steak and sweet potato fries) and the service were lousy. Great place to go for drinks - yes - but for dinner, I don't know that I'd try it again.

    1. We have been three times. I loved it the first time- I had the liver and it was great. My husband really liked his steak frites. The second time it was OK- I had salmon over a salad. I went again in the summer with a friend, the air conditioning wasn't working proeprly, service was spotty, and the lettuce in the salad wasn't so fresh. I was turned off. I haven't wanted to run back, and I really wanted to love the place given the location, vibe etc.

      1. Do they have a website?

        1. I went to Rushton with a friend a few weeks ago.
          We were impressed by the decor and we had a very attentive
          The place was packed with women...only 2 men at the bar.

          As for the food....loved the sweet potatoe fries and my calamari was just so-so and my friends casear salad was a bit small for $8.

          Not sure I will be rushing back...

          1. hmmm. I've found the Rushton isn't about the food- food is ok but not fantastic. LOVE the vibe though.

            1. Went here last night ... it was slammed with a wide variety of people and I agree it did have a great vibe. My b/f had the burger with sweet potato fries which he loved but said it wasn't as good as the Beaconsfields. I had the fish and chips, chips were great fish was tasteless. But I definitely liked the upbeat vibe with an older crowd.

              1. Was at the Rushton last night with my bf. He ordered the steak and I had the pecan/orange vinagrette salad and seared salmon.

                His steak was grainy but they added some seasonings to it to cover up that fact. He said it was "ok" but not worth the 28 bucks for a mediocre steak.

                My salmon was very dry. I immediately pointed it out to the waitress. Correction, I waited 10 mins for the waitress to actually appear from the kitchen and then showed her. She was dismissive about it and then finally gave in and brought me a slightly less dry one 20 mins later. On the plus side my salad wasn't bad.

                A learning experience I guess but I don't plan on coming back anytime soon.

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                  The service is definitely spotty. Every time I'm at the Rushton there seems to be a flurry of service activity, with very little being accomplished. I'll heed your warning and avoid the steak and salmon in the future.

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                  740 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1B3, CA

                  1. nice vibe sure...but any restaurant charging me $14 bucks for braised lamb poutine and serves up frozen fries...gets the bird...won't be back...

                    1. Two of us ordered the veggie burgers. The burger had absolutely NO taste. I have tasted far better frozen veggie burgers. All you could taste was the toasted bun and the toppings. I couldn't eat more than half, and I always finish my meal. Fortunately, the manager removed the burgers from the check. The service was poor. Never saw the waiter after he dropped off the orders. This place is all show. I won't go back.

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                        What a riot. I too ordered the veggie burger recently and it was akin to having mashed-something between two slices of bread. When the Rushton first opened, it had a great vibe AND great food. Now the food is terrible, the service slow. The location and decor are great, but it's just not enough to get me there. Their sister restaurant Ferro has wonderful food and is across the street.

                      2. Seems to be one of the trendiest places in the neighbourhood, but I'm not sure why.

                        1. See, I didn't even know they had food there....they don't seem to care about advertising or letting people know they are there. Too cool for skool I guess.

                          1. I've been eating at this restaurant for nearly 3 years now, on a regular basis, and I gotta say, the Rushton is always consistent. That's why people keep coming back, they know what they're going to get. I almost always order the steak frites from here, and I always like it. Love the aioli. Indeed it can get a bit frantic when it's jammed, but other times, like at lunch, the service is pleasant and unrushed. When I had a newborn we were there with a bunch of friends for about 2 hours at lunchtime and the staff couldn't have been nicer.

                            740 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1B3, CA