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Nov 20, 2006 03:11 AM

The Rushton (brief review)

Went to The Rushton on the w/e. Gotta say, I love this place. Great atmosphere and consistently great food. Two interesting things on the menu this w/e:
1)A whole roasted pumpkin stuffed with mushrooms & chestnuts. Interesting and fab.
2) Seared tuna with a sesame crust, lovely spicy sauce on the side (like a sophisticated take on spicy sushi mayo), black rice (nutty & yummy), and a lovely side of French beans and baby yellow squash. It was perfect.

AS always, the sweet potato fries made me swoon.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I really really wanted to like this place. The room is gorgeous, the vibe is great. But the one time I went there this summer, the food (except for the steak and sweet potato fries) and the service were lousy. Great place to go for drinks - yes - but for dinner, I don't know that I'd try it again.

      1. We have been three times. I loved it the first time- I had the liver and it was great. My husband really liked his steak frites. The second time it was OK- I had salmon over a salad. I went again in the summer with a friend, the air conditioning wasn't working proeprly, service was spotty, and the lettuce in the salad wasn't so fresh. I was turned off. I haven't wanted to run back, and I really wanted to love the place given the location, vibe etc.

        1. Do they have a website?

          1. I went to Rushton with a friend a few weeks ago.
            We were impressed by the decor and we had a very attentive
            The place was packed with women...only 2 men at the bar.

            As for the food....loved the sweet potatoe fries and my calamari was just so-so and my friends casear salad was a bit small for $8.

            Not sure I will be rushing back...