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Nov 20, 2006 02:53 AM

alternative to crisco shortening for pie crust

Anyone know of an alternative to Crisco (and the partially hydrogenated fats it contains)-: that can be used to make a nice flaky pie crust?

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  1. In the Wednesday food edition of the NYT, there was an extensive article about pie crust, Crisco, leaf lard, butter, and suet. You should probably look it up. I think Crisco was low on her list of good crusts.

    I've never made pie crust with anything but butter so I'm no help.

    1. Lard or butter, not too many options. Some people like oil crusts, I don't.

      Crisco has had a non-trans-fat version out for some time, now, too.

      1. Leaf Lard! No trans-fat and less saturated fat than butter. I do 2/3 butter to 1/3 leaf lard for sweet pastry. All lard for savory. You can't find a flakier crust either. I buy mine from Deitrich's.

        1. i know crisco is easier to work with, but i've never been able to tolerate the coating in my mouth when i eat baked goods that use it. i prefer all butter, but confess i haven't experimented with leaf lard. that ny times article was illuminating. and tempting!

          1. Used a combo of leaf lard and plugra (high fat) butter on my crusts yesterday (1/3 leaf lard). They were so much more flavorful than other crusts I've tried -- and still flaky!