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Nov 20, 2006 02:08 AM

6th street Indian

is it true that there is one kitchen cooking for all the restaurants?
or can you offer any favs?
thanx gt

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  1. Such an old joke that they all share the same kitchen. Some of them are allied with others, but they are all different kitchens. This topic is a well discussed one on the boards. Favorites on the block are Banjara (corner of E. 6th and 1st Ave) and Brick Lane (E. 6th closer to 2nd). You should be able to do a search.

    1. I know this isn't on 6th street, but I can't help but express how much we LOVE Devi on 18th street. The best Indian I've ever had....Transcendental.

      But for 6th street, I agree Banjara is the one to go to...