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Nov 20, 2006 01:34 AM

Una Comida Co-operativa in Quiroga, Michoacán

Some local amigas have invited us to a Community Co-operative Dinner on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving!) at CANJE in Quiroga, Michoacán.

Various clubs are bringing a specialty dish. For example, the Mechanics Club is bringing Carne Apache tostadas (raw minced beef with peppers, tomato, onion and cilantro.), another, the Computer Sudies Club, I think is bringing Pozole. Our amigas of the Sewing Club are contributing corundas and some other item I forget. Oh, yes: no food event in Quiroga is complete without Carnitas.

We have been asked to bring bread, but as I'm deep in serious pie baking over the next few days, I may just offer a Pumpkin or Squash Pie.
But, ¡Ajá! deep in our freezer is a large, Cheese and Ham Stuffed Bread. It was conceived as a variation of a Georgian Khachapuri. I may heat it up and check to see that it hasn't suffered from a rather extended slumber in the freezer compartment.

I will report back... with pictures, I hope.The next day, we attend a TG dinner at at friend's house. More pies and Potato Rolls, too. I'm happy.

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  1. The afternoon ended up "calabasas" (zeros), as we couldn't locate the event site. We returned home with a 12 pack of Cerveza Nochebuena, and ate some stuffed bread and pumpkin pie, after sharing some with the Señora and her daughter who'd given us the pumpkins. It was all good.

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      He, he time for Nochebuena... sadly no source for it in Northern California.