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Nov 20, 2006 01:05 AM

Dinner at Le Soleil on Clement

Last night we had dinner at Le Soleil on Clement St. in San Franicsco. Le Soleil was my first experience with Vietnamese food 13 or so years ago, and it has been bought and sold a few times over the years, I think. I was so impressed with my meal that I had to tell you. The Mango Salad mangos, carrots, red onions , cilantro and topped with fried shallots, I've probably missed a couple things, was exceptional! Every flavor was distinct, and the shallots added a crunch that was wonderful. Barbequed pork rolls, clams with black beans, and a delicious 5 spice roast chicken rounded out the dinner and all were excellent. The sauces were all delicate, and it seemed mede for the specific dish they were served with. I'm really amazed that I had given up on them years ago. I will definitely go back.

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  1. I just went to Le Soleil last night and had a fabulous meal as well. The BBQ chicken was so tasty and succulent and the sea bass was amazing! Definitely one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in the city. Prices are also extremely reasonable and the service is also good.

    1. I had a fine lunch here about a month ago. Prices are higher than the average Vietnamese dive on Clement--but the service and ambiance are more in keeping with Burma Super Star.

      Food was good. I think I had the 5-spice chicken combo plate. My friend had a seafood curry that sounded like a bad idea (imitation Thai) but tasted delicious.

      1. I still fondly recall the nights when I was back in college and would drive from Berkeley to Le Soleil just for their soft shelled crab. It looks like it's still on the menu. Any tried it recently?

        1. Good to hear that they are back in action. Their quality seems to go up and down. I've always loved it there but I noticce things can not always be up to par.

          I'm also not loving their new decor. It's not so new anymore but you know what I mean.

          1. My favorite is the "Paper Thin Rare Beef and Licorice". Fresh and tasty. The official menu page is