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Nov 20, 2006 12:44 AM

Firefly in Noe Valley

I was wondering if anyone had been to Firefly lately? I am going with some friends (out of towners) later this week for a post Thanksgiving dinner. Any tips on what to order - tasty specialties ? Unfortunately, the fried chicken is not on the menu right now.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. In my opinion Firefly is high on the list of over-rated restaurants . . . unmemorable food, unpredictable and occasionally lousy service.

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    1. re: Judith

      Wow, that's the opposite of my trips to the restaurant. I love the food and the service has always been great. It's one of my favorite neighborhood spots.
      I really enjoyed the pumpkin steak, if that's on the menu. It's a slab of roasted pumpking, then they tempura it (?). It's really good.

      1. re: Sebby

        We've always enjoyed our dining experiences at Firefly. The location, intimate atmosphere, savory fare, and attentive, charming service make it worth the special trip. The pot stickers are always amazing. We've also enjoyed the beet and goat cheese salad, lamb meatballs with fennel, delicious duck, steak, and wonderful chocolate desserts. Great place!

    2. Other than some service attitude once in awhile, we find it consistently very good.

      1. I've had the best luck with their vegetarian dishes....

        1. Went last night. Positive experience - The service was very strong. Our party of 4 ordered beet salad, squash soup, postickers, ribs, both veg entrees (the kobek was a little bland - I don't recommend it). The server recommeded the sweet pot. croq. over the barramundi.

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          1. re: maestrocy

            I was there last night too and really enjoyed everything. Butternut squash soupd with walnut oil, chicken 2 ways and the peanut butter cake with banana was so good. Everyone at our table enjoyed their dishes as well. The service was gracious too. I think the $34 prix fixe can't be beat. I was at Le Charm on Saturday night and had a very poor $28 prix fixe (steak was tough, the tart tatine was overly sweet).

          2. I have had consistantly good food there ...unusual in a town of inconsistent restaurant experiences...!