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Nov 19, 2006 11:47 PM

LIttle Italy Ottawa

Recently we enjoyed nachos at Pub Italia and they were amazing. Any recommendations on their menu, experiences, etc. Pub Italia seems to be a busy dinner crowd and we would like to know more.

Or any other suggestions for Preston St.



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  1. I am not a huge Pub Italia fan but I have friends who swear by it so maybe I am missing something. If you are on the hunt for Preston gems, I can think of two: you have to hit the Prescott (pizza swerved on cafeteria trays, and meatball sandwiches = yum!). For something a little classier, there is a place called Trattoria Caffe Italia. The decor is horifying but they make their own pasta and sauce on the premisis and it's good. They have a ridiculously extensive wine list as well.

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    1. re: Julie Woo

      Julie Woo: I have heard the pizza is great at Prescott. Driving by it doesn't look the greatest but I will try it very soon.

    2. Hey...normally I wouldn't 'out' a restaurant that I've worked at; HOWEVER, it must be said that I always discourage people from eating at Trattoria Caffe Italia simply because of the way they treat their staff. Incidents include swearing at servers, taking tip money and over all verbal abuse. I've been in the industry long enough to know that, for the most part, these things can be the 'norm' (unfortunately), but these brothers take it to the extreme! If you do eat there, please remember to treat the service staff well because they put up with a lot more than they should have to!

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        Point taken - I had no idea. I have noticed that some of the servers have been there for a long time so the thought didn't cross my mind because the turnover seems to be low. I'll think twice about my next visit...

      2. I grew up on Prescott pizza, so I have a certain attachment to it. However, it's def. sports bar pizza. If you want fab pizza, I recommend Forno Antico on Bronson.

        Cute places in Little Italy: Il Piccolino and Il Primo, both owned by the same couple (who, incidentally, I recently found out are in my running group in the Glebe).