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New Fasika (Ethiopian) in Somerville

I heard that the original Fasika in JP closed a while back, but today we drove past what looks like a new location, at 145 Broadway in Somerville. The big red awning was impossible to miss. Couldn't tell if it was open yet, and wonder if anybody else knows?

We never tried the original but heard good things about it. Hopefully good news for fellow 'hounds...

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    1. I'm not sure if they're open yet either - but they got approved for the awning on October 21, so I would assume they're in operation?

      1. And I was just mentioned how I was kicking myself for not having gotten to the one over by Mission Hill. This is great news! I'll try to take a ride down there this week to see if they are open.

        1. Thanks for making my day with this news. I hope that it is as delicious (and inexpensive) as their original location.

          1. Wow...how cool is that? Very close to Vinny's At Night - my, if that area of Somerville isn't perking up quite a bit!

            1. Before I attempt a visit, what exactly is Ethiopian cuisine like?

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              1. I remember when my buddies told me they were taking me out for Ethiopian food for my birthday. As a smartass teenager in N.Y., my response was "Ethiopian Food, what's that? Do they throw a cracker in the middle of the table and we fight for it? Happily, I was very wrong. Great spice and great bread sums it up for me.

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                  It's largely about the delicious sour, chewy bread. I don't like Addis Red Sea's bland, soft bread, ergo I don't like Addis Red Sea. Ethiopian is underrated in my opinion. The only problem is there doesn't seem to be much depth--I feel like I've exhausted the Ethiopian dishes.

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                    Just an FYI...I've never been to Addis Red Sea, but there are several ethnic groups in East Africa that make injera-type bread, but it's not fermented. For example, Muslim Oromo people I know make it, but it's called budena and it's not sour.

                2. Oh, that's nice for those in Somerville. But for me, in JP, well, I was sorry to see it go.


                  1. Just stuck my head in while out for a walk with the dog. They start serving dinner on Monday of next week. I'd never been in the old place (a bar) but it doesn't look like they did any renovating. The gentleman I spoke with was quite friendly and very sorry that he didn't have a menu I could take with me.

                    Beer signs are all still up in the windows and outside - don't know if that will change - but I'll go back early next week and hopefully have a full report (I live just 3 blocks away and Ethiopian is among my favorite so I'll do a happy dance if it turns out to be authentic and quality)

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                      I'm so with you -- I'm in the vacinity too and it would be great to have good Ethiopian here. Thanks for the research...

                    2. Thanks, that's a GREAT tip!

                      1. I have lived in or near cities with tons of great ethiopian food: DC and Philly. It'll be nice to try some ethiopian food, seeing as how I haven't had it almost 3 years ):

                        I love that injera bread too, it has an incredible sour flavor from the fermentation

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                          Fasika was open until about a year ago and there are two other Ethiopian restaurants in town. Not up to DC standards from what I understand but no reason to go without.

                        2. Anyone happen to note the phone number of the new place?

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