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Nov 19, 2006 11:19 PM

Ottawa Pho talk..

Lets talk Pho

Lately we've been in the mood for Pho. Mostly we patron Pho Maxim on Merivale and have enjoyed Pho Thai near Best Buy and another Pho near the new Le Barons (sorry can't remember the name- doesn't matter it was no good).

Pho Maxim - very good food, we worry the loud owner is not distributing tips to his employees. The food is great, service is fast and the price is right.

Pho Thai - average food quality and suppose price is not issue when talking about Pho in general.

I have heard that "Pho Ba Ga" in Chinatown is the best, but there are about 3 different named PBG 1) Pho Ba Ga La 2) Pho Ba Ga La2 and 3) Pho Ba Ga2..... So we do not know which one is all the rave.

PLEASE share your experiences with Pho in Ottawa,



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  1. I am a regular at Pho Ba Ga 2, at the far end of Somerset towards Preston St. I think their soups are fantastic and reasonably priced. They are also open very late (until 5 AM or something similarly ungodly) and apparently are busy until very late.

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      Thank you Lisa I will patron PBG2. But maybe not at 5am ;)

    2. When I lived in Ottawa, I used to frequent Pho Thu Do often. I liked their broth, the thiness of their beef slices and I remember they had tasty deep fried spring rolls. I noticed they were quite busy often. I also tried the Pho Bo Go on Sommerset and it was decent as well. Now I live in Toronto I miss Pho Thu Do. The broth here isn't quite the same and I also find that some of the places I go to don't offer the mexican cilantro as a garnish with the basil. Still on the hunt for a place that approximates Pho Thu Do..... *sigh*

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        Deabot: can you tell me where abouts Pho Thu Do is? thanks

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          Pho Thu Do is the best Pho in Ottawa. I just posted about it in another thread and then came across this one. Best broth in town, hands down. It's on the north side of Sommerset, just east of Booth at a cross street call Empress. The street number is 765. It's got a green sign and you climb 3 steps to get in the door. Going west on Sommerset, it's just past the crest of the hill.

      2. I like the pho at New Mee Fung. I always order the ones with grilled meats (you can chose chicken, beef or pork) and egg noodle (#125 I think). The grilled meat adds more depth to an already tasty broth.

        1. I am excited for Pho Thu Do and Pho Ba Ga. Thank you to all who have responded, please keep them comming.

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            When visiting my friend in Ottawa, we always used to frequent Pho Bo Ga on Lebreton, just before Somerset. Tiny place, but amazing pho and a great red bean drink too (which sadly they no longer have). Even to this day, 5 years later, we'll still round people up on some rainy Saturday and drive from Barrie to Ottawa for a little pho. Highly recommended!

          2. Pho Bo Ga La (784 Somerset W) is the place to go. I've tried pho in several different places in Ottawa, Toronto and New York City. Pho Bo Ga La is the best. When my co-workers and I get off work in the wee hours of the morning we rush down there to get some food. My boyfriend will even drive in from Kingston just to get a bowl of piping hot pho. YUM YUM.