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Cora's for Brunch

Anyone ever heard of Cora's went to the location by Skydome. Line up out the door but lovely breakfast. Had Cora's special breakfast. Fresh fruit and crepe and bacon and eggs and all the trimmings and the price not bad. Was wondering if anyone else had been there and what they thought of it. It wasnt until my friend from Quebec told me about this place as these eaterys are all over Quebec and heading out west of canada as well..Tour boi

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  1. I've been to Cora's tons of times and love it. Sure, it's a chain, but they're good at what they do and it's ideal for a group - everyone can go as healthy or indulgent as they want.

    For healthy, I'm a fan of their fruit plate. For indulgent, they make an omelet wrapped in a crepe served with a bunch of sides... YUM.

    1. Been to Cora's in Ottawa, it is a very nice atmosphere, with actual chefs in the kitchen. Therefore the price is high for breakfast food. Also I know this location and the owner contribues to many charities and is community focused. Overall good quality food and good business sense.

      Cheers from Ottawa

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        actual chefs?

        i tried to have them remove the bologna from one of the skillet combos in a kingston location (fried bologna does not sound appealing) and was promptly told it was impossible as they arrived prepackaged for heating.

        they do however have creton on the menu which is a nice quebecois bite.

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          Fried bologna is great chow! It needs to be thin enough that the edges get crispy and then you have it in a sandwich -- thick slices of homemade white bread with yellow mustard.

          Ohhh, my roots are showing!

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            Okay it may not be chef's all around, but from what I understood the restaurant was the creation of a chef. They must have evolved into a chain and are now purchasing pre-packaged items, etc. Either way I think the place is overpriced for breakfast foods.

      2. I had breakfast at Cora's in Brampton with a large group over the summer. Good service, and good food. Nothing fantastic, but a solid breakfast joint. Inexpensive to boot.

        1. Have been to Cora's in Ottawa and in Halifax, although they just opened a location here in the GTA, so I'm sure I'll get there sooner than later.

          The crepe with Bananas and chocolate inside is heavenly. That was all I ate all day that day. Coffee is mediocre, but the milkshakes and smoothies looked appetizing.

          1. I've been to the Cora's location near the sky dome and I had a good breakfast. I went to the one in Woodbridge, and it was the most awful thing ever! How can people screw up bacon and eggs!?!?!? Anyways, the potatos were raw, the eggs overcooked, and they brought me and my mom dirty cups! When we asked for clean cups, the waitress looked insulted and was very rude. (i mean, I am not going to drink from a cup with lipstick stains on it!) Anyways, I dont think I'll be going back...I've had much better breakfasts elsewhere.

            1. I've had brunch a few times at various Chez Cora (as they're called in Quebec) restaurants in Montreal over the past few years. I've always walked away feeling underwhelmed, wondering what the fuss is about. If it's large portions and pretty presentation you're interested in, this is your place. If it's tasty, well-prepared food you're after, you can do much better.

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                I've had good and so-so food at Cora's by Skydome, but always appreciated the sheer number of menu items available.

                To rbc: this GTA location has been in business for at least 2 years.

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                  Teep, I was actually referring to one up at Dufferin & Steeles (across from the Supercentre). I think it opened a couple months ago???

              2. As a rule of thumb, if a server tells me my prepackaged food can't be broken down to suit my tastes or says they have to defrost my food before serving (I've enountered both, not always at chains) I'm outta there permanently. So many good, reasonably priced, mom & pop breakfast places I have no idea why chains like this even exist.

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                  Agreed, Googs!! I have never figured out the appeal of Cora's. There are still lines out the door to the Ottawa locations and I find myself shuddering every time I pass someone waiting in the cold to eat at that place! I am not a fan. I find the food tastes prepackaged, and for breakfast stuff, I find it expensive. There are a handful of places in Ottawa that serve outstanding breakfast. I will go out of my way to get somewhere else before ever eating at Cora's again.

                2. THe one in Fredericton has average food at best, and very expensive- almost 40.00 for an omlette and bacon and eggs with juice and coffee. The service is ALWAYS bad. And to get in you have to wait in a line that queues up in something akin to a cattle pen-you can't get in or out once you are commited to the line!
                  I have had great food and service at the one in Halifax, off of Spring Garden (there are very few places open on Sundays that aren't hotel restaurants)

                  1. My partner and I tried the Cora's on Dixie, which happens to be near our house. There are long lines to get in on most weekends.

                    But it was underwhelming at best. Crepes were cold, thin and leathery. Slinging a lot of under ripe sliced fruit doesn't make a great breakfast spot.

                    In general I believe the entire GTA is dying for more breakfast spots. Man does not live by Timmy's alone Canada.

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                      I am jealous of the great breakfast that can be found in the GTA! I can count the decent breakfast available in Ottawa on one hand.

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                        Had a very decent breakfast at Stonefaced Dolly's on Bronson the other day. It's a small place and there was a bit of a wait, but the omelets were excellent.

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                          Other good breakfast places: The Wild Oat, The Sconewitch, The Manx, The Royal Oak, Le Boulanger Fran├žais.

                    2. I like Cora's but in my opinion, the best breakfast spot in T.O. is "Maggie's" on Eglinton Ave, west of Yonge St. Oh, those garlic fries....

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                        Maggies oh yes those garlic fries..Went to Maggies in London ontario, she has since closed down that location. Can you tell me where her other spot is in Toronto? You said west of Yonge street how far west? Thanks Tour boi

                      2. It's 4 blocks west from Yonge on Eglinton. It's right next to the North Toronto Memorial Community CEntre, which is 200 Eglinton West.

                        North Side of the street (it's small, so easy to miss if you aren't paying attn).

                        1. We went once to the one by the Sky Dome and hated it. I would never go back and laugh at the people in line every time I go by. It's so not worth it. How hard is it to get two plates of eggs and sausages to a table while they're hot? Cold eggs, cold sausages that had been pre-cooked sitting too long, with cold potatoes as a side. We ordered large orange juices but they brought us small glasses saying they didn't have any more large glasses clean but would bring us a refill. Never came back to refill the juice or the coffee during our entire meal. Waste of time and money.

                          1. Thanks rbc I will look for it. thanks ever so much! Tour