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Nov 19, 2006 08:56 PM

Thanksgiving in Minneapolis, MN

Hi all,
Need information on where a older couple can get a really nice and tasty meal for Thanksgiving. We do not mind if it is in a hotel.

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  1. Jax Cafe comes to mind.

    the Lexington in St paul (on Grand Ave)

    I don't know what they have on Thanksgiving...

    1. Here's the citysearch list of restaurants that are taking reservations for Thursday. I second St. Paul Susie's vote vote for Jax Cafe.

      If you can't get reservations there or at the Lexington, here's an article from this week's St. Paul Pioneer Press, which lists additional restaurants that are serving a Thanksgiving meal. Try the St. Paul Grill.

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      1. re: KTFoley

        i'm 3rding the Jax rec-- if you call in your reservation you get your name printed on matchbook covers on the table-- i just LOVE that!

        my family didn't find the Lex either nice or tasty-- the food was not challenging to those who've had extensive dental work, though.

        1. re: soupkitten

          A caution about Jax for Thanksgiving: We went there a few years ago, and it was a buffet. We were seated upstairs in a cavernous and non-fancy room. The food was fine, but not up to the high standards of the regular restaurant. No printed matchbooks, either.

          I would advise checking with Jax before getting your heart set on an elegant, table-service meal.


      2. I also know that Kowalskis will be selling whole meals for something like $75, if being AT a restaurant is not a requirement. Feeds 10-12. So on second thought, maybe not...

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        1. re: dotMac

          Kowalski's will trim it down for a smaller group -- replacing the whole turkey with a turkey breast.

        2. Several of the semi-independent group of restos in town that operate under the Twin Cities Originals marketing umbrella will be open on T-day (limited hours, like noon to 5), including Jax, Chart House, Lake Elmo Inn, and Nicollet Island Inn.