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Nov 19, 2006 08:54 PM

Thanksgiving Breakfast near Montville CT

I am meeting some out of town relatives on Thanksgiving morning in the vicinity of Montville, CT. I need a place that will be opened around 9:00 AM and would allow us to sit and talk. Any suggestios? Thought about Mohegan Sun, but not sure that is appropriate. Thanks

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  1. The only place I've had breakfast out there was Exit 23 Family Restaurant off of exit 23 on Rt 2 in Bozrah. From what I remember it was decent.

    1. We used to eat at Olde Tymes in Norwich for breakfast and dinner years ago. I am not sure how it is now, but the food was o.k., reasonably priced and very family-friendly.

      1. Olde Tymes in Norwich on W. Main St. is still really good for breakfast. Nice omelets, delicious hashbrowns, good pancakes and waffles. My Southern-born wife likes their grits very much. Nothing fancy but very good. We used to like Fidelia's at Mohegan Sun as well (much more expensive than Olde Tymes) but in the last couple of weeks both Fidelia's and Uncas American Indian Grill have changed their menus and taken off a lot of the things we used to like.