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Nov 19, 2006 08:23 PM

Cajun place in Oakland by tunnel?

Each night, as my Transbay bus heads into Oakland to hit the Webster tunnel, we pass a cajun place, open only on the weekends, it seems.
What is this place? Should I check it out? It looks pretty interesting.

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  1. I think that you're talking about the Gingerbread House. I haven't been, but I've heard mixed things about the place.

    1. It's probably the Gingerbread House. What's the bus route? Transbay buses can cover quite a lot of road.

      If it is, then they are open for lunch some days ( Their site has no hours listed, though, so it might just be lunch on weekends.

      1. I've eaten at The Gingerbread House and the only thing I really enjoyed was their amazing cornbread, dripping with butter. The food was nothing spectacular, and the waitresses were kinda creepy. The restroom is upstairs in the restaurant, an area they don't always use for service, with an old kitchen. There are hundreds of dolls. HUNDREDS. It's actually pretty scary.

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          Creepy, that's how I'd describe our waitress. The one thing I enjoyed was the cookie that came at the end of the meal, the rest, I can't really remember. I'd say go for the experience and to see what the place is like inside. You just have to do it one time to satisfy your curiousity -- it's like nothing you've ever seen before. I grew up in Oakland and passed by it many times, but never went until last year. WHen I went, I recall that they had a Sunday bruch that was pretty reasonably priced (under $10??). But call ahead -- I think they only do like 3 seatings a night.

        2. Any resemblance to real Cajun food at the Gingerbreead house would be an accident. We tried it one time after moving here from Texas. It was awful, would never go back. Cajun is just a very tough thing to find out here.

          1. Probably the GBH, as I pass by it on my way to the Webster tube when going to Alameda Point. A friend liked the blackened prime rib there, but I've been unimpressed by the food from their stand at street fairs.