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substitution for cheddar cheese

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Hi--Anyone have any ideas for substituting cheddar cheese (which can be quite hard to find in France)? Thanks

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  1. Hi Haapi,
    How do you plan to use the cheese? Perhaps melted like raclette?

    1. HI Gratin-- Nope, in a grits dish, with shrimp.

        1. How about a nice aged Gouda?

          1. Or, a better closer substitute, Mimolette

            1. I think Gruyere would be yummy on grits.

              1. all good ideas, thanks, but maybe lacking that sharp bite of aged cheddar (I should have specified sharp!)

                1. Aged gouda is probably closest, but a good aged cantal or gruyere won't be half bad.

                  1. The closest to cheddar is cantal.
                    And gouda is not french, it's dutch.

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                      Aged gouda is easy to find in Paris, but I don't know about the rest of France. In Paris, cheeses from other countries are available.

                      1. I saw English cheddar being sold at the Monoprix on Rue Vaugirard in the 15th a few months ago. Cheddar is also sold at Bon Marche.

                          1. I use Cantal. Cheddar is not that hard to find. Most larger cheese shops have it, very good quality. But it can be quite expensive. But you'll be hard pressed to find a really sharp cheddar in Paris.

                            1. Apparantly Cheddar can be found in a supermarket called L. Eclerc, I have yet to visit but it will be v.soon!!

                              1. I think Cantal is similar in texture to cheddar.