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Finally tried a bing!

I have finally had a bing experience! I had the cabbage, which was amazing and the taro (thanks for the tip NY Nosher), which was also delicious. I tried the steamed veggie dumplings, which were amazingly fresh and delicious. The bing lady was there and I was so impressed by her. Very sweet and helpful. I ended up buying a bunch of frozen bings to take home to family on thanksgiving. she gave me some good tips on traveling with them and cooking. she said they're opening up near columbia u. next. I tried to push midtown east (where my office is) and she said they're thinking about it, but taking it one step at a time. All in all, Roll and Dough is amazing. The prices are ridiculously cheap (they also now have $1.00 special for students) and the food remarkable.

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  1. of course, they couldn't have opened at columbia last year, while i was still there...sigh

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      Did she say when and where at Columbia they will be? I'm definitely up for trying them. Thanks.

    2. wait, they sell frozen bings?! in which of their flavors?

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        Not only do they sell frozen bing, but the sweet bing lady customized a bag of frozen bings. I chose a couple different kinds and she labeled and packed them. There's no bulk price, but given how inexpensive they are (and the fact that you can customize) I didn't really mind. I also got frozen dumplings.

      2. does anyone have a comparison of the dumplings here to the ones found on eldridge st?

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          i only had the veggie dumplings at roll + dough, so i don't have a comparison with the pork (took some of those to go frozen). the veggies were terrific, but the ones found on eldridge, in my opinion, almost have no comparison. the edge that roll + dough has is seating area/space to enjoy the dumplings.

        2. Am I the only person who's been unimpressed by the bings? I found them all heavy, greasy, and not especially delicious (I've tried about 5 different fillings). So I just don't get it.


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            Any comparative thoughts to the great bings of Flushing?

            And where is this bing hall located?

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              I think that these folks originated in flushing.

              I really like the spicy beef, but otherwise have to agree with you, Peter--the veggie, chicken, and spicy pork are too greasy and the flavoring straightforward and not particularly exciting.

              That being said, the bings are so unbelievably inexpensive, and the space so enormous, and the folks there so nice, that I really want to see them succeed.

            2. re: Peter Cherches

              I agree, Peter. At first, I was obsessed with the bings. I loved the chewy outside. But then, I brought home a pork and scallion one, kept it over night, and when i went to reheat it, I realized, wow, these things are WAY too greasy, the grease has even saturated the dough, which was my favorite part anyway. It was disappointing to notice. Guess I should've stuck with just eating them from the store. But now that I know how greasy they are, I just can't enjoy them anymore. bummer...

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                The ones I've had were the same as the ones I knew and loved in Flushing. I've had the cabbage, spicy chicken, and mustard green ones so far.

              2. the pork with cabbage, plain cabbage, and veggies are the better ones. The rest are too salty and greasy for my taste. some days I peel off half of the dough then they are all good.

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                  please excuse my ignorance...but what is a Bing?

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                    they look this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/slice/27...

                    and they are basically a pastry dough filled with various things. rather tasty but I think even for a $1, I would be more easily persuaded if they were 75 cents. I prefer the ones in Flushing tho, just closer to home I think.

                    1. re: Yaxpac

                      I'm so glad you asked, I was starting to think I had lost my mind. Like it was a twilight zone episode in which everyone had changed the name of dumplings to "bings" without telling me...

                  2. Does anyone know if the bings are fried? I can't tell.

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                      If they ain't they're wasting a lot of fat.

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                        Do things usually have cilantro in them? I see a green leaf hanging out of it...I cannot eat cilantro. anyone know?

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                          My boyfriend is allergic to cilantro and he is obsessed w/ bings. The only kind we haven't eaten are the spicy beef ones but I don't see why those would have it if the others don't. Enjoy!

                    2. Finally tried bings today too after having passed the restaurant a million times. YUM. Really enjoyed the spicy chicken and spicy beef, not as much the pork with chinese cabbage (a bit too messy), and enjoyed the banana one.

                      I just love the outside texture. And I dont know, I didnt find them all that greasy as some are saying...

                      1. I've noticed that, depending on how fresh and hot the bings are, they can be fantastic or fairly unappealing. I tried a banana bing the other night which was scalding hot and fresh, and I swear it was transformative. Since I couldn't stop thinking about it, I went back a few hours later and got another which had clearly been sitting there since the first one and was practically cold and tough. It tasted greasier and the flavors didn't come together right. I could hardly finish it. Going forward, I think I'll just ask them which is the freshest and go with that. :)

                        1. I thought it was a bit dirty for my tastes. The bings were tasty though and I will try them again, but they were not nearly as good as the tiny delights found at Province.

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                            I like the mantou at Province, but they're in a wholly different price category.

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                              Really? When we were there yesterday we were actually remarking to each other how clean the place looked compared to, for instance, the dumpling places in Chinatown.

                              And the 'buffet' area where the chinese entrees were kept looked particularly clean and fresh.

                            2. I also tried the "bing" for the first time last night. I ordered the pork & scallion and the red bean, as well as an egg drop soup. The soup was just awful, way too thick and flavorless. The pork & scallion bing was fantastic, though I agree with the previous posts that it was on the greasy side, but not that bad. The red bean was ok, too much filling so I only took a few bites. I'd like to go back and try the rest of the bings, but the pork & scallion is highly reccommended for $1.75 IMO.

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                                I've never found the bings greasy, but I've never tried any of the meat ones, which might account for the difference. From what I've heard, they're cooked on a griddle, not fried.

                                If you find the bings too greasy, it might be worth trying the baked buns. My fave so far has been the taro bun, but the veggie ones are pretty darn good too.

                              2. I've tried the spicy beef bings on two different occasions, as well as a steamed beef bun and a baked bun (I can't remember what flavor). I've been unimpressed with all of them...the bings, like many others have commented, basically slosh out great waves of grease when you tip them to the side after taking a few bites. And, the outside is sort of tough. The meat filling itself is tasty, although I'd say it's more sweet than spicy. Actually, I couldn't taste the spiciness at all, so perhaps I got plain beef ones by mistake?

                                I had the spicy chicken dumplings though, and those were great. They contained chunks of chicken, which was nice just because it was different (in my experience the meat is usually ground) mixed with some kind of kimchi. They actually seem to be a favorite, as while I was sitting there it seemed like everyone who came in ordered it. For five bucks, the large plate of ten boiled dumplings is a pretty good deal.