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Nov 19, 2006 07:38 PM

how do i make reservations for restaurants in rome?

do i make the international call? will they understand me? should i try to call my hotel? will I be okay waiting until i get there to make my reservations?



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  1. I would say that you should be ok waiting until you get there, I lived in Italy for 4 months and never had a problem getting a reservation anywhere (even the day before). If you're really nervous about it I would call the hotel so that they can make it for you. You can try calling and seeing if they speak english at the restaurant (because a lot of people speak english in Rome).

    1. I would email your hotel concierge - much easier & clearer that way for all concerned!

      1. You can walk over to the restaurant in the AM, drop in and make a reservation. Or phone, which requires some rudimentary Italian. If you like to eat early, just show up at the restaurant. Nothing is carved in stone. Have fun!