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Need Suggestions for Anniversary Dinner in NYC...(1st visit to the city)

1st visit to NYC. Will be staying at the Yale Club and need advise on a great and not too expensive restaurant to celebrate our 27th anniversary. Don't even have an idea of what too expensive might be. We are hoping not the spend more the $300 including wine, but want something memorable (and not touristy). Love French, Thai, Seafood, Italian, Tapas, pretty much anything but Indian. Doesn't have to be fancy, just good (romantic atmosphere a plus)! Would appreciate some suggestions! TIA.

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  1. Eleven Madison Park is one of the city's best restaurants, and a perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is sensational, service is first-rate, and the space is gorgeous! The 3-course prix-fixe is $76. (Note: The signature duck for two is seriously delicious.) With either an excellent bottle of wine or wine pairings from their fine list + tax (nearly 9%) & tip ($25%), your $300 budget should cover it.


    Enjoy your first visit to NYC and Bon Appetit!

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      I love wines ... and would very much like to try some at Eleven Madison Park.

      What wines have you enjoyed with your meals from their "fine list"?


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        My BF and I had some fabulous wines at Eleven Madison in September so I thought I'd chime in. We know one of the managers there and asked him to do the pairings for us. Though they do have a sommelier. Leaving it completely in their hands turned out to be a wonderful decision.

        Here are the wines we enjoyed:

        Chasselas-Albert Boxler, Alsace, France 2004

        Gewurztraminer-Schoffit, Harth, Cuvée Caroline, Alsace, France 2004

        Chardonnay-Hubert Chavy, Les Narvaux, Vieilles Vignes, Meursault, Burgundy, France 2003

        Grenache-Clos des Brusquières, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone Valley, France 1996

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          How was the Brusquieres? Iirc, that would have been the first vintage that the estate-owner actually vinified, or something like that. How is it drinking after 10 years?

          The Meursault by Chavy is something that I am not familiar with. How was it?

          Thank you.

          Looks like you truly enjoyed your wines.

    2. If you like Thai, you might really enjoy the elegant Vietnamese / French restaurant, Le Colonial.

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        IMHO Unfortunately Le Colonial is no longer what it once was.

      2. I would suggest Erminia (East 83rd between 2nd and 3rd). Extremely romantic, delicious Italian food but be warned they take cash and Amex only. About 15 tables total, dark/woodsy feel like you're not in NYC at all.

        To MichaelG: I actually just ate at Le Colonial about a month ago and had a terrible experience there. Soup (my appetizer) was a bland broth, and the service was embarrassing. We sat down at 7:30PM and they did not take our order until 8:15PM, despite repeated attempts to flag down our server (they kept saying "one minute"). It was noisy because of the tiled floors and high ceilings.

        1. If you go very easy on the wine, you can eat almost anyplace for $300. Jean Georges has a 4 course menu for $98.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! Please keep them coming!

            1. I really loved Aureole's romantic atmosphere and superb food. Their dinner tasting menu's (6 courses and a dessert) $95, with paired wines runs $160.


              I heard Gordon Ramsey's restaurant, The London, is good. 7 courses $110 (in the restaurant, from the Prestige menu), or at the bar, the chef's menu 4 courses for $55 or 6 courses for $75.


              1. Telepan - 69th street between Columbus Ave. and Central Park West
                Ouest - Broadway and 84th Street
                Cafe Gray - Time Warner Bldg. Columbus Circle
                You can't go wrong with any of these restaurants.

                1. I would add Cru and Il Giglio for a long romantic Italian meal. All these suggestions are great though. Cru is my fav though. Enjoy and please report back!


                  1. This is not a food rec, but since you are staying at the Yale club, you may want to go over to the Cambell Apartment, across the street in Grand Central, for pre or post drinks. It is a cozy, romantic old room with a fire place and excellent cocktails. It is really hidden and makes you feel "in the know".

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                      These ideas are all great. I wish we had more than a couple of days in town. tbear, we'll definiately check out the Cambell Apt., sounds like just the place to finish off the evening.

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                        If you have a chance, try the Greek restaurant next door to the Yale club. Very good.

                    2. How about Wallse in the West Village for an intimate atmosphere with delicious, upscale Hungarian food?

                      1. agree with Telepan rec. Also love L"impero in tudor city. Both have reasonable priced fixed meals that can be paired with wine. Avoid Le Colonial, Erminia is good but not on the same scale as the other restaurants that were recommended

                        1. I would definitely second the recommendations for Eleven Madison Park and Aureole (my most favorite). I would also recommend Bouley and Danube (they are downtown).

                          1. I second Bouley - it's a great time of year to go there, the restaurant is very cozy (but elegant) festive and romantic. I have had a couple really nice special occasion meals there. It is a trek from where you're staying, but it might be nice to get downtown a little.

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                              Third Bouley. Someone just wrote a lovely review on the Manhattan board.


                            2. Town! at the chambers hotel

                              1. Tossing in my vote for Cru or Bouley.

                                1. How about Felidia? (58th betw 2nd and 3rd) It's very classy and romantic. It is still one of my favorite Italian places in Manhattan.