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Nov 19, 2006 06:00 PM

Hawthorne fish house

Is there more there than fried fish? I can't find a menu.

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  1. Yes. Most is fried, but there are a few grilled items, I believe.I like the place very much.

    1. They're owned by Corbett Fish House. Here's their menu:

      I recommend Halibut's on Alberta instead for better fried fish.

      1. I have to agree with the recommendation for Halibuts. My wife and I had dinner at Hawthorne Fish House, and the food was terrible.

        1. Just a side note, my wife and I sat down at Halibuts for a late lunch just before the Sysco truck pulled up and they started wheeling in all the frozen premade fries, batter, and what not. And the owner spent the afternoon yelling at the TV and talking loud on a cell phone. Not our favorite dining experience...

          1. We met the owner in early November when we went to Halibuts for dinner. He was gregarious but we did not notice any interaction with the TV. I am surprised that the fish or fries are frozen, but they tasted very good just the same.
            The clam chowder is very good too. I would go back.