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Nov 19, 2006 05:42 PM

Good eats & non-rushed atmosphere near Copley, for tonight?

Hey all--I'm meeting a dear former coworker coming in from Chicago for dinner and catch-up tonight. He's staying near Copley. We're both willing to stroll, in the 10-20 minutes range. We need a place we can sit, eat, chat, eat, chat, and possibly have a few beers. Price range low to mid (he's got a per diem and I'm unemployed...); I was thinking Addis Red Sea, as it's been on my list for some time, and the boards here make it sound like something I would like. Vegetarian options required. Any great suggestions of tasty spots where a couple of people can tuck away for food and talk? Thanks!

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  1. not too many places turn tables twice on a sunday, so nobody will be giving you the bum's rush. i'm a huge fan of eastern standard in kenmore square.

    1. What about Bouchee on Newbury? You could kinda get whatever ( apps, or something low key) and keep the $ factor under control.
      You could probably get away with not too crazy at Braserrie Jo, too...

      1. Tapeo is can order tapas one at a time.

        1. Well, we hit Addis Red Sea and it was, food-wise, a serious let down. Bland, spice-less, underseasoned--we keep to the vegetarian menu (no okra?!?!!); perhaps they do better meat? Injera was doughy and bland--didn't remember the teff injera in time. Great atmosphere though, and low cost. Ah well!