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Nov 19, 2006 05:39 PM

Where can I get plain ol' stuffing cubes? [moved from L.A. board]

All I can seem to find are the preseasoned ones (e.g. Stove Top, Pepperidge Farms). Anybody know of a market, preferably on the westsid, where they'll have this elusive item (since I'd rather not make my own)?

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  1. try whole foods or any other health food store

    1. But it takes all of 30 seconds to tear a loaf into cubes. With a few minutes minutes in a 350 oven, you'll have all the secret chewy, crispy parts that put a stuffing into overdrive, which is something you can never do with pre-cut bread

      1. I also recommend home-made. This is one of the easiest of preparations, and you can control both the type of bread and the degree of doneness.

        1. So if i decide to go the home-made route, any recs as to type of bread? Should i just buy some loaves of french bread?

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            Whatever you fancy. French Bread is great, I also love Sourdough...


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              All kinds of bread are good for the purpose. For example, my favorite with pork or ham is rye bread.

              I recommend thinking about what kind of stuffing taste and texture you like most with the rest of the meal, and then go to the bread counter at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, or a good bakery and ask what they have that meets your needs. For turkey, I'd use a mild-tasting bread that will display, not compete with, the gravy flavor, one that has enough body to stand up to gravy.

              You can just let the bread air dry, but a slight oven toasting brings out a great flavor in good bread, as it does with nuts and many spices. Keep the oven heat low -- say, 250-degrees -- and watch carefully. Stir the cubes at least once, and be amazed at the beads of moisture many breads will throw. The goal is firm but not hard and dry bread cubes.

            2. I bought a loaf of walnut raisin bread and have already cut it into cubes to allow it to dry enough by Thursday. I'll add brandied dry apricots and roasted chestnuts. Easy, fabulous.