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Nov 19, 2006 05:03 PM

Bad experience at Ahi Sushi in Studio City

Ate at Ahi Sushi last night and will never go back. We ordered an appetizer, two drinks, and two entrees. Our drinks arrived promptly; 20 minutes later one entree arrived, 11 minutes after that the second entree and 6 minutes after that our appetizer was served! No explanation, no apology. The tempura was fine but the rest of the meal was mediocre, definitely not worth the price for run of the mill quality and atrocious service. Would love good recs for non-sushi Japanese in the Studio City area (tempura, teriyaki, etc.).

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  1. Hit up Daichan in the strip mall next to Nozawa. Self-described as "Asian Soul Food", it's funky, cheap and tasty. Not "night out" worthy - but will scratch an itch when it comes to those comfort food sorts of things.

    1. Teru Sushi has been there forever and IMO, is still as good, and has everything you want including good service.