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Nov 19, 2006 04:05 PM

Sushi with Scotch, am I crazy?

I had a glass of scotch with my sushi recently and I found that the pairing worked well and on different levels. (Note: The scotch was a blend and was served with one cube of ice. The sushi included yellow tail, mackerel, cali roll (w/ real crabmeat) and eel.)
There to me is a natural salinity in scotch that marries with the salinity present in fish. Also, the peaty flavor of the scotch works well with the soy sauce (and even the ginger) and I find too that scotch can "cut" richer sushi like the eel and cali roll (avocado) on the palate. Has anyone else discovered this? Am I crazy?

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  1. If you like it it's good!
    I think a nice peaty scotch would go well with many items at a sushi bar for sure...might have to try it...eel for instance....mmmmm

    1. Well I have enjoyed bourbon with sushi before, so I do not think you are crazy.

      1. No, I don't think you are crazy either. First off, you aren't drinking sake with sushi, so that's a nice start. Depending on the barley used as the base of the scotch, the high protein malting barley used in production can have a wonderful flavor. Additionally the smoking of the germinated, malted barley can impart a wonderful flavor sometimes found in darker porters and stouts, both of which can be good with certain rolls.

        This all said, I'm not sure it would pair particularly well with sashimi as it would cover the pure flavor intended by the raw cuts of fish.

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          Is there something wrong with sake and sushi? I ate with some Japanese people a while back who ordered the meal for the whole table and also ordered a lot of sake with it. I can't say I enjoyed the sake with the sushi, but apparently they did. Is it etiquette or just a taste thing? BTW, I've never tried it, but bourbon and scotch sound pretty good with sushi. Too bad my local hole in the wall sushi place only serves wine and budwiser?!?

          1. re: sunshinedrop

            It's part etiquette, but it's part taste- I mean you are essentially drinking rice with rice. It just makes even the best sake seem bland and the same for the sushi.

            1. re: jpschust

              It might not be to your taste, which is fine. But saying drinking sake with sushi is like drinking rice with rice is like saying beer and pizza is just grain with grain.

        2. Japanese businessmen drink Johnny Walker with sushi all the time.

          1. Intriguing....always worth a try!