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Nov 19, 2006 03:50 PM

Dinner in Barstow [moved from L.A. board]

I know Barstow isn't in LA but hoping some LA-Vegas travellers might know of a decent place to grab a dinner in Barstow.

I'll just be driving through but would like to take a break and sit down for a meal. Is there anything other than fast food worth eating in Barstow? I'm open to any kind of cuisine.


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  1. Forget Barstow, drive on, or stop early depending on what direction you're going, in Baker and eat at The Mad Greek - pretty much across the street from Bun Boy and the world's largest thermometer. It's a truly wonderful Greek fast food place - good burgers and other stuff too - but the gyros kick butt over anything you can find in L.A.

    1. Yes, indeed, gyros at the Mad Greek is a great treat on the way back from Vegas circa 3 a.m. Follow that with a Greek coffee and pastry, and you're ready to saddle up and head home.

      I've never stopped there during the day and don't know what the place is like then, but in the wee hours, it's better (and safer -- two highway cops in the corner last time) than anywhere else I've found on that route.

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        Day is good. It even has a good, cheap breakfast. Last time I was there I had a gyro and feta omelette that was great. I hadn't heard of Idle Spurs before this. I'll give it a try one of these days if I can pull myself away from the Mad Greek.

      2. Nonsense.

        Try the Idle Spurs Steakhouse in Barstow. Classic old steakhouse with a weird Barstow twist to it, but FAR superior than anything that can be had in Baker.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

          I will definitely try the Mad Greek in the future but on this trip I'm taking the 40 west thru Barstow and then the 58 to Mojave to stop for the night so won't be going through Baker.