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Nov 19, 2006 03:27 PM

Cheers Thai

Lets all discuss Cheers Thai on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg.

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  1. People claim its the best in williamsburg is that true?

    1. The food used to be decent. I stopped going there, though because it started to become consistently greasy and bland. Much better Thai food in the area would be Khao Sarn on Bedford Ave. or Chai Thai.

      1. i second that i just brought an out of town guest to chai, which was great and very inventive menu. cheers i thought was really eh... okay for take out i guess, but definately not a destination... even sea or planet thailand while touristy and noisy are better


          1. The few times I have had Cheers, it hasn't really registered - not great, not bad, it simply suffices.
            I have heard lots of good things about Chai, but I have never been very impressed by what I have gotten there; I don't remember any details, but I seem to remember most things being too sweet - not as bad as SEA though.
            Khao Sarn is cheap, but not very good.
            Siam Orchid, on Metropolitan, I consider to be the best in the neighborhood. I have always found it to be consistently good, never to sweet, and often pretty spicy. Maybe not authentic Thai spicy in most cases, but too spicy for most of my dining companions. They do seem quite happy to accommodate (in both directions) on spiciness though.