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Nov 19, 2006 03:02 PM

Santa Barbara-twin babies and the dog

We will be traveling to Santa Barbara over the Xmas holidays with our 7 week old twins and our well behaved dog.If the weather holds,we would like to introduce the boys (and the dog)to some good SB food...we will need places w/outdoor seating where dogs are allowed and there is room for 2 car seats.Breakfast/pastry and dinner spots...anything from Mexican to seafood are a plus.

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  1. The Natural Cafe on State, good healthy food for lunch and dinner.

    IN Summerland, south of Sata Barabara, I would reccomend Cafe Luna, wcih has great coffee, pasteries, lunch sandwiches and salads, as well as some really fabulous chocolate truffles. Just down the street is the Summerland Wine tasting boutique, as good stop for mom and dad. Tinkers has good burgers.

    Back in Santa Barbara, you'll find State Street full of places with outdoor patios, and they all allow dogs and car seats.

    Also, on the pier there are a few nice seafood places, and the seafood co will let you take the food and eat it on the pier.

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      I like Natural Cafe, but be advised that one person has to go up to the cash register to order (and often wait in a long line before doing so). That leaves one person alone to wrangle two babes and a dog. I didn't notice outdoor seating. Do they have outdoor seating?

      1. re: Atomica

        They have a good sized patio right outside-all the locations. The line isn't too bad if you go a little before the meal times..say 11:30 instead of fact, they are pretty efficient, the line isn't usually a long wait.

    2. The BROWN PELICAN restaurant at "Hendry's Beach" (also called Arroyo Burro Beach on some maps) at the ocean end of Las Positas, off Highway 101 is right on the beach and this is very much a family/dog beach.

      Go even if the weather is not great, but the outdoor tables make it the best for a dog at your feet. Food is not "gourmet" but it is okay for a fine family outing,

      1. Some dog friendly (and unfriendly) information about Santa Barbara:

        Here is a prior Chowhound dog-friendly discussion for Santa Barbara (mixed:

        1. Hendrys Beach is a great place to take your dog- in fact it is the ONLY beach that will allow you to take the dog on- all State beaches are NO DOGS ON THE SAND, FYI. There is a leash side and a no leash side to the beach. To the East of the beach is the Wilcox Property- and thru the neighborhood east of the Wilcox property- you can park and walk the 40 or so acres of open mesa- really fun and alot of dogs all having fun. There are trails that a jogger stroller can handle NO PROBLEM. Great afternoon walk!

          Santa Barbara is a pretty friendly place for dogs- especially if you have a kid(s) too. People who don't prefer your dog will tell you - either verbally or with a stare- smile and pretend you can't see them. I personally am not a fan of animals in/at restaurants- but truth be told, if one could see the kitchens in some restaurants- the dog on the patio outside really doesn't mean much in the BIG picture!!!

          Natural Cafe does have patio seating, as does Pierre LaFond and several others in the same block.

          7 weeks old- those were the days- this time next year you'll be looking back at the good ol' days of only having to lug around the car seat!! Have a GREAT trip!

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          1. re: JalamaMama

            I don't recommend anything at Pierre Lafond.

          2. I think it is worth typing what is in one of the links above. The DogPAC links says:
            Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services aggressively enforces the state’s health and food safety regulations, which exclude all but service dogs from restaurants, even in patio or outdoor areas.

            I am a dog person, I have 3. I live in Santa Barbara and I know not to bother bringing my dogs to farmers markets and restuarants -patio or otherwise. I had my dog lying under a table on the beach at an outdoor place and was told she couldn't stay.
            What we do is go to a park and get them good and tired. Give them plenty of water and, if it is cool, park in a good shady spot and go enjoy our meal while our dogs snooze in the car. Santa Barbara does have plenty of parking garages that should be very cool at the time you are here.
            One area you might be able to dine with your dogs is in Goleta. The Costco shopping area has a number of sort of fast food places with outdoor tables. Mika, the Japanese place has Bulgulgi bowls that are good, their sushi is not good. Kahuna Grill has some nice things, there is also a Bakery, a Fres Mex type place, a Blenders, Starbucks, McConnells ice cream and an Italian place all sort of the scale of take-out. They are by the movie theater.