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Nov 19, 2006 02:48 PM

Great Neck Chinese

Walked passed Garden of Plenty last night. Has anyone tried it? Doesn't look fancy but wanted your thoughts.


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  1. There is an excellent Chinese restaurant on Northern Blvd in Little Neck, just over the Nassau line: Northern Manor. Big place, lots of Chinese patrons, in the vein of a Chinatown restaurant. Great dim sum at lunchtime.

    1. I think I may have tried it a long time ago -- standard Chinese fare. You can always try a few of your favorite dishes and see how it rates.

      My favorite Chinese in the area is Wild Ginger, followed by Pearl East (across from Macy's on Northern Blvd). I just tried Shanghai Pavillion in Port Washington last week and thought it was very good as well.

      1. Does Northern Manor (in Little Neck) offer dim sum during weekday lunch service, as well as weekends? Does anyone recall if the entrance to the restaurant is handicap-accessible (i.e. not many stairs)? Thanks

        1. Dim sum is on the weekday lunch menu, but the carts only come around on the weekends. I don't believe there are any stairs involved at this place. Even the bathrooms seem on the negotiable end of the spectrum.

          LloydG: How would you characterize the food at Pearl East?

          1. Pearl East is basically the standard American Chinese, but a step up from the usual Americanized sit down LI Chinese restaurants (e.g., White Pearl) and two steps up from the takeout only places. As I recall, there are a few authentic dishes on the menu. The dishes we mostly get are the typical kid-friendly sweet stuff (chicken with honey walnuts, spare ribs) and basic veggies (broccoli, eggplant w/garlic sauce, etc.). Any of these places will bring hot oil, so they can at least be spiced up. If you go, be prepared for a very suburban LI atmosphere.