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Nov 19, 2006 12:49 PM

Eggcetera on Yonge at the Eaton Centre

Truly a horrible dining experience last night. It seemed that there were so many people downtown last night and we arrived at 6:30 at Eggcetera, an hour and a half prior to the Gordon Lightfoot concert. We were seated immediately, so we were there right at 6:30. When the waiter finally got to us, it was about 10 minutes later and we placed our order for penne in a tomato basil sauce and a blue cheese hamburger. We finally received our orders at 7:20. I asked the waiter what the problem was and he said that they weren't ready for the theatre rush. (Downtown Toronto, steps to Massey Hall, Winter Garden and Canon Theatre). The pasta was stone cold, and it was pasta primavera but the hamburger was good. The waiter said I got the wrong dish. Several people walked out without finishing their meals, some who were there before us were not even served by the time we left and some that came after us were served before us.

Truly, truly, one of the worst dining experiences we've ever had. We knew that it wasn't going to be great, but we at least expected something a little bit better.

They did remove the pasta dish from our bill. I doubt very much that we'll ever go back there again.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I've never been to Eggcetera, always figured it was just a brunch place.

    My personal rule (and I stress that this is just my opinion) is never dine out before a show; you don't have the time to address service/food problems, and it's kind of disrespectful to the restaurant: "shovel some food down our gullets before we have to leave!" We snack beforehand then whip up some pasta and open a bottle of vino when we get home (or find a late night resto downtown). Then again, we're over 40 and don't get out much anymore :-)

    1. Have to agree - I went for breakfast thinking it would be decent (at worst) and amazing (at best). Neither happened. The food was terrible and the service even worse. Disappointing, especially since you were out for a nice evenign! Baton Rouge is just as bad, next time try Superior on Yonge across from the Eaton Centre.. consistently good food in a nice environment. I hope at least the concert was fantastic!

      1. Once again, the curse of dining in a combined tourist area and shopping mall strikes. It always makes me sad to see that place packed with people, lined up out the door sometimes, when I know there are many other better breakfast places within a few blocks walking distance. But many people seem too afraid to leave the Yonge strip... shame.

        1. We looked around at several places - didn't want to go to Baton Rouge and Fran's was packed. We tried to get into the Superior Restaurant, but it too was packed. Much of the problem as well was the setting up of the Santa Claus parade and a lot of people just seemed to be downtown last night trying to do the same as us. We live in S. Etobicoke and probably should have eaten someplace out here, but time constraints, etc. prevented us from doing this.

          I agree that there are so many other places to eat, but being in a high tourist area within a fairly popular shopping mall, it seems that we just don't know how to attract tourists in this city with such poor restaurant choices. When you think about the Yonge St. strip in that area, there really is not a whole lot of choices to eat at.

          And yes, the concert was fabulous. I wouldn't let a poor dining experience ruin that!!

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          1. re: maryfran

            Not at all! There are a number of very good places around there, if you just take a few steps away from the Eaton Centre and the tourist traps. (It seems we certainly do know how to attract tourists - how do you think all the tourist traps stay in business?)

            Some better options, just steps away from the Eaton Centre and Massey Hall. On Victoria, around the corner from Massey Hall, is Terroni, home of one of the best pizzas in town, and very accustomed to dealing with the pre-theatre rush. Also on Victoria, the Senator. At Church and Richmond, Golden Thai, one of the best Thai places in town. On Gould, just east of Yonge, across the street from Sam the Record Man: Salad King, another Thai favourite. On Colborne (one short block south of King, just east of Yonge), P.J. O'Briens. At Yonge and Wellington, the Irish Embassy pub. The list goes on and on.

          2. Maryfran - so glad that the concert was amazing! I was just thinking about your comment about hardly anything good around Yonge/Dundas.. Yonge/Bloor/Bay/Bloor is the same.. nothing great around at all.. such a shame! There are a couple nice spots on Elm - Adega is very consistent and for excellent Italian, try Donatello.. wonderful food there when you are not too rushed!

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            1. re: Derek

              what about Wish at Yonge and Charles, or their sister place- 7 West? Those are in that area and are quite good!

              1. re: nummanumma

                Wish & 7 West are in the area of the Hudson Bay Centre, not the Eaton Centre.

                1. re: Googs

                  yes thanks- I was replying to Derek who noted that there wasn't much good in the yonge/bloor area.