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Nov 19, 2006 12:38 PM

Something fun & unique for 14 downtown?

Group of about 14 "out of towners" getting together for the boat show in January looking for a good place for dinner and drinks within walking distance of the sheraton. Went to The Keg last year and looking for something different. Thanks

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  1. It is a little bit of a walk (especially in January!) but Laide on Adelaide just past Church is fun and very unique. It is probably a 10 minute walk from the Sheraton.

    When it opened three years ago it was voted one of the best new restaurants by and also NOW voted it one of the best bars downtown. They make awsome martinis and specialty drinks but still serve Labatt 50 for the regular folk :-).

    The menu changes seasonally and they have a 3 course special where you pick any three items off the menu (one a desert) for $25. The Menu is not huge but there is everything from seafood to ribs ( ).

    Be warned though the place has a "sex" theme, so depending on the makeup of the 14 people it may not be for everyone but it is certainly fun and unique :-)

    1. I've found Izakaya to be great for large groups-

      1. for my staff party last year, about 20 of us girls went to Doku 15 which is attached to the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Its a little hidden but its really trendy and cute. All the food is served tapas style, so I had a chance to try out alot and I found everythign to be really good, especially the curry chicken. They have a room for more formal dining, but we reserved these little low tables with couches since we were going to be doing more socializing. They also had a DJ, served us complimentary champagne, and had a realllly interesting martini list. I didnt try any of them because Im a wine drinker, but they looked good. Im pretty sure its fairly new, but TorontoLife did a write up on it in their FOOD & WINE special this month, so you can probably get a better sense if its what you're looking for by looking it up.. But i do recomend it, I'd love to go back!

        1. i had horrible service there- and a friend of mine booked a large party for a Bayer group and same thing. They have to bring cars up from the basement on an elevator one by one?

          1. Many steps above the Keg, but still lots of meat-and-potatoes options:

            Just be sure to reserve well in advance -- a party of 14 is about 1/4 of their dining room. (There's more room on the bar side.)