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Take Out pies for Thanksgiving in Orlando

As a guest for Thanksgiving Day dinner we have been asked to bring a pie or two.

Need recommendations for reasonably prices apple,pumpkin or other interesting types. I heard that the big warehouse shopping clubs
[Sam's, Costco ,etc] have good bakeries, but I don't know if their products are "Chowhound" passable.

Thanks .

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  1. As both a person who judges pies and, at the same time, does not have a sweet tooth -- the desserts I have purchased at Kostco would seem to find the bill for you.

    You might try calling the Dessert Lady, (407) 822-8881, and see if she sells the kind of pie(s) you want. If so, go there. Not cheap, but most excellent.

    If not, ask her for a reccommendation for where to buy your pies.

    I'm a mincemeat man, myself, a pie that is getting very hard to find . . .


    1. I would get them from Perkins, I think Costco's are not great.

      1. Ew, Perkins. I do not recommend Perkin's for any reason at any time. I'd rather starve than eat there. I am a self proclaimed gourmet pastry chef at home. I am also very critical of baked goods that are purchased at non patisseries/bakeries and well, most baked goods in general. However, I feel that Costco makes and excellent pumpkin, pecan and apple pie. They use high quality ingredients, use fresh ingredients and always bake the pies to near perfection as far as mass production goes. Would it be my first choice? Never, but I don't know of any place else to purchase a high quality pie in Central Florida.

        Whatever you do, please don't go to Perkins.

        1. You could go the less traditional route, and get a key lime pie from Publix.

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            My family almost always does this for Thanksgiving, gets a Publix key lime pie alongside whatever pumpkin or apple pies we get. I've never had a better key lime pie than the ones from Publix, and I think their cheesecake (another holiday crowd-pleaser) puts the pricey Cheesecake Factory to shame.

          2. Your local Village Inn sells a super flavorful and creamy pumpkin pie...
            I've rarely tasted better... (Hopefully you have one nearby)
            The chocolatey French Silk is great...
            Their Lemon Supreme with the cream cheese base is a MEGA crowd pleaser...
            Even for people who claim they don't like lemon that much...
            I bring it with me when I visit...
            Their various apple pies are good too...
            Yagotta get your orders in ASAP this time of year...

            I've gotten things often from dedicated 'bakeries' that looked good, but tasted blah,
            so you have to cherrypick things from here and there...

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              My two experiences with the Village Inn here -- out near SR 528 -- have not been outstanding. The place is dirty and service is very poor.

              But, perhaps, they make great pie.

              There's also a place called Bakely's in Winter Park.
              345 W Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789
              (407) 645-5767. I have had good breakfasts there on numerous occasions and a late night snack or two. They have a good reputation for their baked goods and might be worth checking out.

              No comment, one way or the other, on Perkin's. My experiences have varied.

              That said, the poster about Costco hits the nail on the head. They have the financial volume leverage to buy the best ingredients and the kitchen staff to do them right. I'm not talking one-off, sexy specialty pie, but the day-to-day pumpkin, apple, cherry and cheesecake stuff they do very well at.


              1. re: Bob Mervine

                Do you need a membership to buy a pie at Costco? Cuz if so, a $35 surcharge on my pie is pretty steep. . .

            2. Since I'm about to have a baby any day now and don't feel like cooking, I decided to order my thanksgiving desserts from THE DESSERT LADY that Bob mentioned above. I ordered from her last year at Thanksgiving and Christmas (because I had just had a baby last year too!) and they were TO DIE FOR!!! This year I ordered the Bourbon Pecan Pie (the best I've had and I don't usually like pecan pie) and the pumpkin cheesecake. Last year I ordered the carrot cake as well and that was amazing too. They're not the cheapest desserts in the world, but they really are huge and DELICIOUS!! That's my top pick in Orlando for desserts.

              As for costco, their pumpkin pie is decent. I've purchased a couple this season so far and they've both been good. Their caramel apple pie isn't outstanding(a little too sweet for me) but ut's pretty good as well.

              Good luck!

              1. Bertha's Produce on state road 46 in Mount Plymouth. Best sweet potato pie you can buy! I promise!

                1. Thanks for everyones suggestions.

                  After considerable discussion with the wife we'll get our pies from Two Jays - a deli restaurant chain.

                  Had lunch there and the pies price and quality are just right.

                  Will get a "mile high" cake from Dessert Lady for Christmas - thanks for the leads and responses.

                  BTW no Chowhounds mentioned Two Jays - wonder why>

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                    Ooh, TooJay's. I didn't know there was one in the Orlando area. It's a Jewish-style deli, their rugelach is terrific, haven't tried their pies but I imagine they would be good, too. I went to the one in Vero Beach and liked it. Older crowd, but they know what's good. :-)

                    Checked their Web site and it seems they're all over Orlando. Had no idea. (Still a bit far for me, though.) http://www.toojays.com/locations/cent...

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                      Why didn't I mention it? I totally forgot about it. I've been out of CFL for a few years now. Toojay's is one of my old standbys. I think you will be very, very pleased with your pies. I used to purchase their Banana Dream cake frequently. It was always moist, fresh and just sweet enough. I give Toojay's an A+ for storebought baked goods that aren't necessarily gourmet.

                    2. The Desert Lady, while a wonderful concept, and certainly one that Orlando is in dire need of seems to come up short in my opinion. I feel her Bourban Pecan Pie is a little "to sweet" for my traditional taste and her Carrot Cake, while its substance is outstanding, I feel her cream cheese frosting way over the top and detracts from the essence of what the cake is about. Maybe I am a little to critical of her as most on this board seem to rave about her deserts, but I will take my wifes cakes and Pies over hers any day. Maybe I am partial.........who would've known!!!