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Nov 19, 2006 09:08 AM

Great breakfast at Nena's (Bernal Heights) and sago at Creations in the Richmond

I had breakfast at Nena's for the second time today....just as great as the first time. I had the eggs and chorizo from the Salvadoran breakfast menu....large plate came w/ egg/chorizo mixture which was about 1/2 chorizo and 1/2 scrambled egg, queso fresco, refried beans and sour cream. I had sourdough toast instead of tortillas, and the egg/sour cream combination on the sourdough was pretty great.

My first DC had the special of pancakes/eggs/bacon...even though they weren't on the menu, we were told pumpkin pancakes were still available. He ordered those instead of plain. Once again, great pumpkin pancakes (worth asking about if you don't see it on the menu), real maple syrup, good coffee, excellent service. We noticed a beautiful looking bowl of granola and fruit on a nearby table.

Toward the end of breakfast, two friends of mine came by...my first DC left and I accompanied my two new DC's while they ate. One ordered the same thing as me, except w/out the chorizo and with tortillas instead of toast. The tortillas at Nena's are freshly made and very thick...close to 1 inch thick probably. The other friend ordered the huevos rancheros...I didn't taste them, but she enjoyed them. We also shared an order of bean/cheese pupusas...these were about the same thickness as the tortillas. I wasn't wowed by them, though I didn't try too much since I was still full from my first breakfast. I didn't try the curtido but my friends said it was good but not great.

Tonight I was in the Richmond and had time to stop by Creations, where I hadn't been in about 2 months. I ordered a large sago w/ mango in coconut milk. The drink is still very good...the fresh mango was a bit stringy, but it seemed like my drink had more sago than usual. All in all, a nice treat.

Dave MP

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  1. Thanks for more reporting back again on this neighborhood gem! I had been meaning to mention that I had heard the chorizo was very good, in reply to rw's chorizo crawl of a week or so back, but you beat me to the punch.

    There are actually two versions of huevos rancheros on the menu. How great is that? :-)

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      You know, I read your reply before the original post and was thinking I wasn't so interested in chorizo (burn-out) ... but ... then I noticed in the OP it is a Salvadoran joint.

      Does anyone know if it is Salvadoran chorizo or Mexican chorizo? The Mexican would be red (usually). While the Salvadoran would be more the color of American breakfast sausage.

      1. re: rworange

        I think it was Salvadoran since it was much more brown than red. It also had a different taste than some Mexican chorizo I'd had before. But I haven't had much Salvadoran or Mexican chorizo, so I'm not sure.

        1. re: Dave MP

          Thanks. If the pumpkin pancakes weren't enough to get me there, then the chorizo will be. I'm guessing Salvadoran. I've only had the Salavedoran chorizo two times and am interested in trying a few more. Love your reports, expecially for your neighborhood.

        2. re: rworange

          You mean....no paprika in Salvadorian?

          1. re: Waterboy

            No and so far no heat. The last one I tried tasted almost like meatk loaf. It was pretty good.