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Nov 19, 2006 07:43 AM

HELP! My homemade cranberry sauce did not gel and is watery

I just made a cranberry sauce and for some reason it did not gel correctly. I put a little more sugar than what was required and added pears. I am not sure if I cooked them exactly 10 minutes, but they had all popped and I figured it was done. Is there anyway to make this gel? If I start over with a new batch and add it to the batch that did not gel, would that work? The taste of this is unbelievable, so I don't want it to be a total waste, but I am making it for Thanksgiving and really would like the thick consistency. What can I do?

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  1. Bloom some gelatin, heat the sauce and combine. That should help it gel.

    Pectin would probably be even better, but I'm not sure how to add pectin to an existing sauce.

    1. Have you put it in the refrigerator? Cooling it may make it thicken up too.

      1. Put back in the pot and cook it longer. The pears aded extra moisture that you need to evaporate.

        1. I agree with Candy--cook it longer. 10 minutes is not very long, anyway. Let it bubble away for a while and then take rmperry's suggestion and let it set in the frig. It'll be FINE.

          1. I'll join in: you just didn't cook it long enough. I cook my cranberries with a Granny Smith apple, sugar, and orange juice over pretty low heat so it doesn't scorch and let it bubble away for way longer than 10 minutes. Just stir it from time to time and it will thicken up beautifully. Happy Thanksgiving, all.