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Nov 19, 2006 06:39 AM

Lick's Homeburgers - 4-pack frozen for take home: Outstanding !

Telus had a promotion that came with my bill last month - buy $20 of food at Lick's and take home a free 4-pack (normally retailing at $5.99) of their frozen Homeburgers, which are now also on sale at major grocery chains. So I took advantage of the offer, and fried up some tonight - they were outstanding ! Far more flavourful and juicy than the frozen President's Choice and other similar burger products. Recommend them highly.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It's hard for me to beleive that these burgers are outstanding. When a new Lick's opened near my home my wifr and I tried them, they are nothing like the Lick's burgers we remember from back in the late 80's. These were quite dry and tasteless. You are lucky that your experience was better.

      1. Frozen Lick's burgers are definitely the best of all the frozen burgers I've tried! It's a staple emergency food in my house.

        1. Lick's burgers at home are waaaaay better than Lick's burgers at Lick's. I'm sure that this is because we're in charge of the cooking instead of a some poor teenager who's been brainwashed into flipping the patties until they turn into hockey pucks.
          That said, I have to confess that, even though I'm a meat eater, I like Lick's nature burgers even more than the meat burger -- they are even more burgery than the burgers.

          ...mmm, is it lunch time yet?

          1. The frozen Licks burgers are much better than any other frozen burgers I have tried. This includes all of the PC variants - which aren't truly awful themselves - and the Weber's branded burgers, which are unutterably disgusting.

            I also keep some Licks burgers as "emergency food", cook them seared outside/rare within, and enjoy a juicy, quite tasty burger on demand.

            The frozen Licks burgers to take home can taste MUCH better than the burgers sold cooked at Licks. The 80's Licks burgers may or may not have been the same as those sold currently. They may or may not have been cooked from fresh back then. It's impossible to tell, since Licks no longer cooks their burgers to your taste.

            Licks great innovation in the fast food burger world was to cook to order and to taste (Harveys always cooked their skinny, tasteless burgers to very well done).

            Today's in house burgers at (at least some) Licks are often fully or partially cooked when ordered (hence reheated), cooked to beyond well done, cut open to ensure that they are, indeed, well beyond death, and then cooked some more. Ergo, they are dry and tasteless. After returning several as inedible, I don't go there any more.

            But if you cook them at home, they can be a very tasty quick feed.

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              It's funny but I would agree. I really can't stand going to Lick's but I quite like their frozen burgers as well. Haven't had them in a while but I recall them to be quite juicy even after some serious time on a George Foreman Grill. I'll try them pan fried next time.