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Dr. Bob's Scharffen Berger Works Ice Cream...

...is just ridiculously good. Unfortunately I will no longer be able to taste anything else or communicate verbally because my tongue has now left me for the remaining pints at Bristol Farms. In a vain attempt to salvage my manhood after professing to enjoy something in the chocolate family this much, I hereby state that I enjoy it solely for the flavor, not because it makes me feel like I am in love, or anything like that, or...yeah.

Thank You For Listening,
Please Pull Through

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  1. Try their Strawberry, Brown Sugar, and Sour Cream ice cream... Tasting that has proven to me that heaven does truly exist... :)


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      Oh, I have my friend, I have, but porn isn't allowed on Chowhound.

    2. yumm!..wow i have never tried dr. bob's ice cream, but after reading these posts i just might have to pay a visit to bristol farms!! is it sold in other stores as well? that strawberry flavor sounds amazing.

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        At the risk of sounding like a company shill, the ice cream is made locally in Pomona, but is sold at many local stores and can be shipped.


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          THANK YOU for the post!! can't wait to try it!

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          Surfas (Culver City) has a decent selection. In OC, Gelson's carries a limited range of flavors, as does Wholesome Choice (Irvine). Promeli's in the Westcliff section of Newport Beach carries it too.

          The Scharffenberger Works is a choco-overload for my tastes, but I do like the strawberry / sour cream / brown sugar

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            Choco-overload? No such thing. Blame my mother. ;)

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              Surfas carries the rare quart size.... So it's EXTRA goodness!! :)


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                Mother's Markets also has the Dr. Bob's, which is awesome !

                Locations in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.

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                  UPDATE: Just went to Wholesome Choice & didn't have Dr. Bob's in their freezers. Perhaps they've dropped it.

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                    Bite the bullet and make the trek to the parlor in Upland, stop at Joey's in Chino for some lunch, and San Biagio's in Upland for an afternoon slice before your ice cream.

              2. I didn't dig the texture of the ice cream. Seemed "dryish" for some reason.

                1. Dr. Bob is a professor at Cal Poly Pomona, and taught (still teaches?) a pretty cool Wine & Spirits class I took back in the day. That explains the Pomona part. I've seen him serving the sweet stuff at the LA County Fair before. Glad he's doing so well.

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                    dr. bob's chocolate ice creams are pure chocolate nirvana.

                    There is also a dr. bob's retail store in old town Upland. Their chocolate ice cream is the only chocolate ice cream I have had that does NOT leave any alkalai aftertaste. Unlike other chocolate ice creams I don't have the urge to drink some water after. I also love the "temper" of the ice cream when scooped at their store.

                  2. They scoop about a dozen of his flavors up at Frank's Famous in Glendale/Montrose. I usually get the Mississipi Mud which is coffee ice cream with fudge whirl, scharfen b choc chips and oreo cookies.

                    The chocolate peanut butter flavor was TERRIBLE. Peanut butter does not sit well with Dr. bobs dark Chocolate ice cream.

                    Caution: They pack a whole half-pint into their $2.49 serving at Franks, about double the size of a Baskin Robbins scoop.


                    1. You can find Dr. Bob's all over Venice.

                      Definitely at The Market Gourmet and a pretty large selection at Strohs Deli. I believe Robins Nest also carries Dr.Bob's.

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                        Here is the Dr. Bob's web page listing their retail outlets:


                        I have always had good luck at Vicente Foods on San Vicente in Brentwood, Bay Cities in Santa Monica and the Wine House in West LA (where they look at me funny when I come in to just buy a pint of ice cream).

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                          Do you know if these markets carry McConnell's Ice Cream of Santa Barbara, or any Double Rainbow Ice Creams (Trader Joes only has 3 or 4 flavors).

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                            Gelsons Carries a good selection of McConnells...


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                              Whole Foods carries a wide array of these ice creams, and other rich versions. I love Papa Azul!

                        2. They serve Dr. Bob's ice cream at Papa's Porch on Pico Blvd. near Veteran. Generally 5 or 6 choices, Sharffenberger Works often included, and PayOrPlay Jr. has ordered some darn tasty milkshakes and smoothies based on Dr. Bob's products.

                          Unfortunately the service at this odd little place has always been terrible, and it isn't getting better. Typically staffed by a pack of teenage girls, it's always been confused and semi-professional, often they don't really know how to make the drinks on the menu so simple orders can take a long time and will arrive in strange sequences. In the past it has at least been friendly; but on our visit this weekend, a disturbing "attitude" had been added in to the mix, making the whole experience rather unpleasant. (And PayOrPlay Jr. had time to eat his entire lunch before any of mine arrived.) So I am leery of recommending this place even though the ice cream and drinks ain't bad.

                          1. Thought folks might like a photo of the Scharffen Berger Works!


                            I liked it. VERY intensely chocolatey, almost bitter because of the cacao nibs. This is not for people who like creamy, sweet, milk chocolate ice cream. It's for someone who'd rather be chomping on a Scharffen Berger 70% bar and a handful of nibs, but happens to feel warm and want to eat ice cream.

                            1. They also sell a limited selection of Dr. Bob's at Pacific Ranch Market in Orange. It's really, really good ice cream, I concur!

                              1. Olives Grocery in Long Beach (on Broadway) also has four or five flavors. The strawberry/brown sugar/sour cream is absolutely incredible.

                                1. I get mine at Gelson's. My favorites? The Works and Tahitian Vanilla.

                                  1. try the chocolate chip!