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Nov 19, 2006 04:56 AM

Famina Now Open in Culver City

Today was grand opening of the new Famina store in Culver City at Overland and Venice, right next to California Pizza Kitchen. Their prepared foods section was extremely well stocked with items I've not seen at their other stores. This should be a good location for them since most often there is ample parking.

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  1. Yes, SO was customer #3, since he works the overnights he's THRILLED to have them in the neighborhood... Sadly they are just open till 12pm he was hoping 2am like the Pasadena one...

    Also, they applying for a permit for outside seating... I can have my CPK chopped salad and a decent handroll all at once... WHOO HOO...!!


    1. My husband and I just came back from Famima 15 minutes ago! Glad to hear that they'll have patio seating, we were just saying that that's what was missing...

      1. ooooh yay finally! they put up pics on the side of the building on overland a few days ago. i've been waiting all week!

        can't wait to grab quick to-go lunches there.

        1. What is it? DH works in C.C. and is always on the lookout for decent lunch or dinner choices. Is it only a 'to-go' place?

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            Basically think Japanese 7-11. but the selection makes it worth admitting to going

            You can look through the website and see what they have at

            Take Care

            - P.

          2. BTW it's "Famima!!!" A place called "Famina" would probably have no food :)