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Nov 19, 2006 03:20 AM

Fish Bones in Chelmsford

Has anybody tried this new restaurant/fish market? Any thoughts?

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  1. Had takeout from Fishbones ( ) last Saturday night. I had the Baked Stuffed Shrimp and Scallop combo and my wife had Fried Haddock. Quality was excellent, although I was not a huge fan of the bland stuffing. Portions were not huge - but most seafood restaurants don't give a ton of food. Thumbs up on the lightly battered Onion Rings (Liken them to the rings at Kelly's Roast Beef). The massive fish case was stock full of very fresh looking fish and shellfish. The place is always packed on the weekends and has been since it opened - so that says a lot too. I'll definitely go back sometime.

    A new restaurant is being built in Chelmsford center (Behind to the Shell Station) called The Center Grill. Not sure what the exact concept is going to be, but I'm interested in finding out.

    1. Can't resist letting off some steam about this place. Needing to try a healthier diet, my husband and I have tried Fish Bones on and off since it first opened. I guess we never learn. Anyway, the quality is OK, there's no confusing it with Legal or anything, but when we show up after work we have had anything but a relaxing experience. It has always been rushed, uncomfortable, and crowded--probably because we have so few restaurants to choose from in Chelmsford. Once, after being crammed into a tiny, drafty, alcove in Winter, to wait for a table, we were crammed into what seemed to be a make-shift "deuce" table in the front by the other customers awaiting their table. We had to move our legs out of the way of the waitstaff...the diners next to us an elbow's length away. No privacy, and the food and prices average. So, maybe buy the fish and bring it home...but if you need a meal at a peak period, skip this place and move on.

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        i wonder how is the fish market part
        there is almost nothing up this way for fresh fish

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          Alpine Butcher Shop in Chelmsford, which is moving to Lowell if it hasn't already, has a small selection of fresh fish on Thurs,Fri,Sat. The quality is outstanding.

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          I've always had a good experience with the food at Fishbone's. Consistently good quality and good service in a very nice atmosphere. It is quite popular now so there can be a long wait. They expanded and now have a full length bar.

        3. We only bought fish from Fish Bones once. While it was no bargain, the quality was excellent. There is another seafood/fish? market in Westford, next to the Westford Grille at the Westford Valley Marketplace on 110. I know nothing about it, except that it exists. It has existed for some time now, so it must be all right. If we give it a try, we will report. Perhaps if you check it out, you could do the same!

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            thanks i will check the westford one out too

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              That would be Wally's Westford Seafood. They now serve lobster rolls on a some sort of round bun. Haven't tried it.

            2. I used to go there for lunch about a year ago since I really liked the sesame crusted tuna sandwich with their excellent fries. However after repeated failures to get the tuna anywhere near rare, I gave up. When I complained the waitress said you could get a smaller but thicker piece so it would be rare. Never worked.
              Fast forward to this year when I recently tried it again (did I say that I liked the place?) and much to my surprise the waitress actually asked what temperature I wanted my tuna! Instead of being my normal wiseass and reply 125 I asked for rare and when it arrived I nearly fell off my chair! It was rare! I have been back a couple of times after that and it was no accident.
              On a sidenote, they also have expanded and are now about twice the size from before, service still good at lunch, haven't been there for dinner.
              The town are redoing the curbing and sidewalk outside the restaurant so the street parking is tight as is the parking behind the restaurant.

              1. I noticed that I was the last one to reply and that was back in 2008! This place need more exposure but I can't really add much since I again had the same dish, with the tuna cooked perfectly as ordered, the fries are really really good as is the service. The menu mentions sushi grade tuna and it is. I sat outdoors on the patio today on a perfect NE day with a pretty much perfect lunch. Doesn't get much better that this!


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                  I so agree Ferrari! I go pretty frequently and I have not had anything but exceptional meals there. The tuna is definitely sushi grade, scallops great, oysters so fresh. When I take my 90 Mom there, they are so very accomodating about seating due to her poor eyesight. Service wonderful...never feel rushed.